Thursday, February 28, 2013

Timing is Everything

Hello y'all! I have been asked in the past how I juggle work, my personal life and running. There's no magical equation for this (I wish there would be!). I mean, if you want to get technical, the equation for time exists:

But what I'm talking about is a little bit different. It all boils down to TIME MANAGEMENT. I must admit, that this could be a form of art sometimes...And it's not always easy...
But, all you need to do is:
A. Create a plan
B. Prioritize accordingly
C. Stay consistent with the plan
D. Keep yourself motivated by establishing goals

For example, this week I'm scheduled to work 50 hours and my estimated running mileage for the week is 80 miles. I usually get to bed at 8:00 am and I wake up by 3:00 pm. By 3:30 pm, I'm off on my run, which could last between 1 to 1.5 hours. Then I go to work. If I need to add extra mileage on a day, I'll do a "double" run in one day. This means I'll run before work and during work.
Running bag and work boots =)
So when do I prepare my meals for work? On my day off I'll take about 2 hours and cook all my food for the week!
And when do I see hubby? I usually spend time with him before leaving to work and for a little bit when I get home from work.
Truth be told that a bit of sacrifice is given during marathon season. This usually means that I won't be partying like a true Miamian, but it's only for a season and then the rewards are reaped!!
So my friends, get out there and JUST DO IT!!
What do you enjoy doing on your down-time??
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly it is that I eat on a daily basis, so today I will show you what I keep behind my refrigerator's closed doors.

As a rule of thumb, when I shop at the grocery store, I typically grab the items on the outskirts of the store. These items include, fresh veggies and fruits, fresh meat and fish, eggs, etc. Most processed and junk foods are in the inner aisles of the store.

On the top shelf I keep Gatorade G2 for post-run fuel, organic orange juice for pre-run fuel (this helps increase my blood sugar), organic carrot juice and almond milk (I substitute this for milk because I don't eat or drink dairy products).
On the second shelf I have organic/cage free eggs, organic carrots, almond butter and spaghetti squash (this is a great substitute for spaghetti!).
On the third shelf I have veggies and wild caught tilapia (try to stay away from farm-raised fish because they're loaded with hormones).
Inside the first drawer I keep fruits (Asian pears, grapefruits, etc.), lemons and garlic.
Inside the second drawer I keep more veggies.
Inside the last drawer I keep sweet potatoes.
I keep organic (70% cocoa) dark chocolate inside my freezer. This is a great snack when you have a sweet tooth!
I also keep frozen berries inside the freezer for smoothies and as a great topping for my oatmeal.
I eat minimal poultry, but when I do, I eat organic chicken. Try to stay away from regular chicken because they are loaded with hormones.
As a long distance runner, it's important to eat healthy and stay lean because this helps with one's performance. It also makes me feel good to eat healthy and it keeps my body satiated at all times. I don't consider this to be a diet, but rather it is a lifestyle I have chosen to live by. I typically avoid dairy, soy, gluten, simple carbs (i.e., bread, pasta, etc), sodas, candy, desserts, ... I drink plenty of water and of course, coffee (I can't stay away from that!).
What's your favorite meal of the day?
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to run in warm & humid weather

Undoubtedly, Miami is the capital of the sun and of warm weather. It is a benchmark for beautiful people, boating, beaches and a place to have a good 'ol time.

When I think of Miami, these are the images that I picture in my mind:

While the weather may be conducive for these things, it is also a downfall for other activities such as, running. Today, I woke up bright and early only to find that the temperature looked like this: 

It was warm and terribly humid. I prepared myself accordingly by dressing like this: 

And I drank plenty of this before, during and after my run: 

I actually held the bottle in my hand for 6 miles and then I stashed it in the bushes in order to pick it up on the way back at mile 12. 

After 20 miles...

I was tired and slightly dehydrated. I immediately drank H20 and Gatorade G2 after the run to replenish the electrolytes of my body:

Lessons of the Day: 

  1. Acclimate to the warm weather by running as early in the day as possible. Try to get out there before 10:00 am. 
  2. When it's warm, you may need to monitor the duration and the intensity of the run. You may feel fatigued and extremely exhausted because of the heat and the humidity in the air. Try to take it easy and don't push too hard. 
  3. Hydrate before, during and after a run. I usually drink a liter of water before my runs. During a run, I'll either hold a bottle or wear a water belt. Then, after a run, I drink water continously by taking a water bottle wherever I go. I'll simply sip throughout the day. 
  4. Wear clothing that is light and that will allow your body to breathe. 

What do you enjoy doing under the sun?

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nuts about Nuts

How do you like your nuts? Sweet? Salty? Spicy? Well, today is the day to eat some nuts, but not just any nuts! Today is National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day, so enjoy a healthy snack that satisfies a sweet craving without compromising your nutrition.

I personally enjoy eating raw almonds, so here's a recipe I recommend to try (it's VERY VERY easy):


  1. 3.5 ounces organic dark chocolate (I prefer >70% cocoa)
  2. 1 1/2 cups organic raw almonds
  3. 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa


  1. Break dark chocolate into pieces and place in a small bowl. Heat in the microwave until the chocolate is melted.
  2. Toss almonds with melted chocolate and evenly coat them.
  3. Place the cocoa in a small bowl. Add a large spoonful of almonds to the bowl of cocoa and toss gently with a dry spoon. Make sure each almond is covered in the cocoa. Remove the almonds to a plate and let the chocolate dry. Repeat until all the almonds are covered with cocoa.
  4. You could eat them warm or cold.
  5. Eat and enjoy!!

I love this kind! I actually freeze it after opening it in order to preserve it.
Voila! Here's what the almonds will look like.
This recipe could be done with any kind of nuts, such as walnuts and hazelnuts.

Benefits of eating nuts:

  1. Nuts have a good souce of heart-healthy omega-3 (ALA) that may lower cholesterol.
  2. They are rich in arginine, which improves blood vessel function.
  3. Good source of fiber, which helps with bowel movements (Girls, you know we could benefit from this!!).
  4. Nuts are rich in vitamin E.
  5. Nuts are an excellent anti-oxidant.

But why add chocolate to the nuts you may ask? Well, cocoa and dark chocolate (preferably dark chocolate that's greater than 70% cocoa) may:

  1. improve heart health
  2. reduce LDL cholesterol (that's the bad kind of cholesterol)
  3. reduce the risk of blood clots
  4. increase blood flow in arteries, heart and brain
  5. may lower high blood pressure
  6. and may inprove blood sugar and insulin sensitivity

So my friends, enjoy and have a nutty day!!
What's your favorite kind of nut?

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

This princess wears sneakers

It was quite the adventure today at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. We woke up at 3:00 am and by 3:45 we were inside of a cab and on our way to Epcot Center.

The road was jammed packed with other princess runners trying to make it to the start line. After 45 minutes, we finally made it to the park.

The adventure continued when we arrived and we had to walk 20 minutes to the start of the line. We didn't mind too much because we were jamming to the music and watching the fireworks.

At 6:10 am we were off and ready to shake our tutus through Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. But first, a red carpet was laid out for us at the starting of the race. We felt very special! Part of the race course included Tomorrowland and Minnie and Mickey's castle. It was just magical!

Our finish time was 2:45:00-- I was very proud of my mother and sister! My mother beat her personal record by 12 minutes- she rocks!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Disney Princess Expo

Howdy from Orlando, Florida!

It's a beautiful day here in Disney World. I woke up this morning and ran a quick 10 miler through Downtown Disney (it was beautiful!). Then I got ready and headed over to Coronado Springs Resort with my mom and sister to pick up our packet for the race.

When we got there, we picked up our racing bibs and then our goody bag.

The goody bag was filled with all sorts of princess gear: a princess bag, a princess dri-fit shirt, a princess button and a princess Luna bar (delicioso)...

Then, I stopped by the Newton sneaker booth and said hello to Christina Botero, the South Florida rep for Newton. They're just awesome!!!

Afterward, I said hello to Dimity McDowell, a writer for Runner's World. Ahhh, I can't believe I met her! She's the author of "Run Like a Mother." She's not only a writer, she's an amazing runner too :)

Stay tuned for more pics...

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Follow Me to Bliss

Good morning my friends!!! I woke up this morning bright and early and went for a short 6 mile run. Then, I got ready and headed to a cop's haven: Dunkin Donuts!

I'm now officially on the road and on my way to the most magical place on Earth... Disney World!! Follow me as I explore the magical world of Disney...

Stay tuned for more pics :)

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throw-back Thursday

Today I took a trip down memory lane when I went out for my 15 mile tempo run. I put on the usual stuff:

  1. Garmin watch
  2. sports bra
  3. dri-fit shirt
  4. tight shorts
  5. Newton sneakers
  6. visor
  7. huge Nike earphones (see below)
  8. Ray Bans

And then, I decided to put on these super retro socks that I LOVE LOVE:
After my run, I ate breakfast and got ready to run some much needed errands before I depart to Walt Disney World =)
I figured I would continue the throw-back estilo (style), so I put these babies on:
Fun fact: These were my wedding shoes! No joke. I wore these with my white dress and Milo wore white Converse =)
My first stop was at Old Navy. While standing in line I saw these goodies. So much FUN!
Who remembers Mad Libs and Putty??
As I continued running errands through out Broward County, I turned on the radio and all of a sudden I felt like I was in high school again...
YES, that's me singing Montell Jordan's "This is how we do it." What a GREAT song. I don't get tired of listening to it!

Finally I got home and I put on my running sneakers again to go on my 2nd run of the day:
Total mileage for the day: 19 miles
Don't ask me why I'm smiling =/
What's your favorite throw-back song?
Ciao for now!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Happy Hump Day Friends!
I survived yet another hump day! Granted, I was asleep for most of it, but the good news is I am feeling better (thanks to my over-dosing on vitamin c) and I'm not feeling as sore.
I did a medium run today of 10 miles with some strides at the end and I felt great. I've been re-fueling by drinking lots of water and eating as healthy as possible.
This is my typical post-workout protein shake made by Sun Warrior. I love love love. Besides the fact that it tastes great, it's an all natural product without GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It's also gluten, soy and dairy free! Sometimes, I'll sprinkle the powder on my oatmeal MmMmMm...
So here goes my confession for the week: My cooking is as good as a 5 year olds cooking.
Yes, that pretty much means it's non-existing. I get by with the easy stuff like oven-baked fish, hard-boiled eggs, instant brown rice, blah blah blah. My grandmother would be so disappointed!
Thanks to Monica from RunEatRepeat, I got a great recipe from her blog: Baked grapefruit with brown sugar! Absolutely delish!!
people, i NEED SOME good recipes to try!! I can't promise they will come out good, but I can try =)
What good and tasty recipes should I try??
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