Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

I'm sure you're wondering what exactly it is that I eat on a daily basis, so today I will show you what I keep behind my refrigerator's closed doors.

As a rule of thumb, when I shop at the grocery store, I typically grab the items on the outskirts of the store. These items include, fresh veggies and fruits, fresh meat and fish, eggs, etc. Most processed and junk foods are in the inner aisles of the store.

On the top shelf I keep Gatorade G2 for post-run fuel, organic orange juice for pre-run fuel (this helps increase my blood sugar), organic carrot juice and almond milk (I substitute this for milk because I don't eat or drink dairy products).
On the second shelf I have organic/cage free eggs, organic carrots, almond butter and spaghetti squash (this is a great substitute for spaghetti!).
On the third shelf I have veggies and wild caught tilapia (try to stay away from farm-raised fish because they're loaded with hormones).
Inside the first drawer I keep fruits (Asian pears, grapefruits, etc.), lemons and garlic.
Inside the second drawer I keep more veggies.
Inside the last drawer I keep sweet potatoes.
I keep organic (70% cocoa) dark chocolate inside my freezer. This is a great snack when you have a sweet tooth!
I also keep frozen berries inside the freezer for smoothies and as a great topping for my oatmeal.
I eat minimal poultry, but when I do, I eat organic chicken. Try to stay away from regular chicken because they are loaded with hormones.
As a long distance runner, it's important to eat healthy and stay lean because this helps with one's performance. It also makes me feel good to eat healthy and it keeps my body satiated at all times. I don't consider this to be a diet, but rather it is a lifestyle I have chosen to live by. I typically avoid dairy, soy, gluten, simple carbs (i.e., bread, pasta, etc), sodas, candy, desserts, ... I drink plenty of water and of course, coffee (I can't stay away from that!).
What's your favorite meal of the day?
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