Monday, February 18, 2013

Giggles & Sniffles

So, it's the day after the race. Naturally, I'm still very excited and sharing many laughs with family and friends as I recount my experience at the race; Frozen fingers, trembling jaw, hamstring cramp, etc.. But unfortunately, the cold weather didn't mix well with my sweaty shirt. I woke up today feeling a bit under the weather. I'm a little sore and I've got the sniffles. NOT FUN!

Somehow, I found the energy to get up and go for a 6 mile recovery run. I left my Garmin watch at home and ran purely "by feel." It was a very slow-paced run. When I returned home, I decided I needed a manicure and some waxing on my eyebrows. It was my little reward for yesterday's accomplishment.

Ahhh, after a nice pampering session, I went home for some RnR before work tonight.

You're probably wondering what I do after a race to recover. It's rather simple.

4 tips on post-race recovery:

1. REST, REST, REST. I try to sleep as much as possible. Laying in bed and resting your legs helps too.

2. Re-fuel. Drink plenty of H2O and eat plenty of healthy foods.

3. Take an ice bath. This helps with inflammation and muscle soreness.

4. Get back on the wagon by running low mileage. Ease yourself back into running mode. Don't go out for a 10 mile run after a race. You could get injured or sick.

Here is an official photograph of the finish line:
What do you enjoy eating as a recovery food?
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