Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Feet


I finally got a new pair of sneakers after a couple of months of wearing my old ones. I like to change my shoes about every 200 to 300 miles. My sneaker of preference, as you can see, are the "Distance" Newton sneakers.

My new Newton sneakers = Happy Feet

They are totally awesome. The bottom part of the shoe feels like a spring that propels you forward. It almost becomes instinctual to run correctly because when your foot hits the ground, you land with proper form and it feels natural and relaxed. When you first run on the Newton's, you might feel a bit sore, but that's only because you're utilizing certain muscles in your legs that you were not using with other sneakers. I used to run on Asics, and they're great, but when I tried the Newton's, I fell in <3!

That's the cushion underneath the new shoe. It should be thick.
It shouldn't look like that. That's my old and smelly shoe (Ewww!). That shoe has about 500 miles on them. The cushion is worn out.

Now remember, running shoes should be changed about every 300 to 500 miles. This is important in order to avoid injury. When the sole wears off, your foot loses stability, which increases injury to your leg, ankle and foot and stress to your feet.

Here are 3 tips to determine if you need new shoes:
1. First, track your mileage so you know when you hit the 300-500 mile range
2. Midsole wear: Is it worn off? Are you feeling aches in the bones of your feet? Are there creases on the midsole? Are you able to twist the shoe easily?
3. Rotate shoes: Have at least 2 pairs of running shoes and rotate their use. That way, your feet don't get used to only one pair of shoes.
My feet continued having a happy day when I went in for a pedicure and manicure =)
I'd show you my feet up close, but that's a scary thought. Runners DO NOT have nice feet. Don't believe what they tell you =`(

Can't forget the matching nails
This is the embellishing diva Marion. She did a fantastic job! =*
What are your favorite running sneakers?

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  1. I dare ya to wear the new ones to work.....

  2. I'd definitely get sent back home :O

  3. Erika, beautiful hands and feet. Seriously, I never question anyone's passion. After all I left a potential career in law enforcement to be a nurse but have you ever thought of modeling full time?