Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday's Quirks & Perks

Hello friends! I took the day off yesterday from basically everything. I didn't run and I didn't touch my computer or phone. I decided to rest and recover from my 20 mile run on Saturday and of course, to spend time with my hubby.

So, it's Monday morning and I wake up and go for a 6 mile recovery run. No watch, no music, just me and the asphalt. I really enjoy my recovery runs because I tend to lose myself in thoughts. I typically look back at the prior week's training and I either feel proud of myself for the progress I am making or I may feel disappointed because I could have done better. Besides these thoughts, I also take a look at life's quirks and perks; basically, what bothers me or what inspires me when I run. These are some of my quirks and perks of running in a nutshell:

Quirk #1: I dislike it when my phone rings in the morning. What could be so important that the person can't call in the afternoon? I suppose this is a quirk of mine because I work the night shift. Does this mean I can call someone at 3 o'clock in the morning?

Quirk #2: I dislike people or things interfering with my runs. I basically set up my daily schedule in my mind. The first thing on that list is to run. Should anything come between me and running, Bratty Erika is coming out.

Quirk #3: I dislike it when vehicles in the road don't let me cross the street. Why do they feel the need to beat me to the intersection? Whatever happened to giving pedestrians the right of way?

Quirk #4: I dislike it when cars honk at me when I'm running on the sidewalk. Do I really look attractive right now? Really? Do you think I'm going to look at you and give you the time of day? Save some energy and put that honking finger to some other use. Thanks!

Quirk #5: Why can't some men realize that some female runners are just faster than them? It's actually comical when I run by a man and he feels the need to run faster. Save it bud, you're going to tire yourself out!

Quirk #6: I strongly loathe when my sports bra rubs against my breasts on a long run (aka "runner's nipples"). That totally sucks and it's a bloody mess (no pun intended!).

Quirk #7: Why do non-runners (walkers) wear compression socks and fuel belts? Is walking going to cramp your legs and totally sore you out? Do you need that much water for walking?

Quirk #8: Why do some runners spit on the ground when they're running? Isn't that saliva helpful for hydration? Gees, I could use some saliva!

Quirk #9: It erks me when people take up the entire sidewalk to walk. For some reason, they feel the need to walk in the middle of it, and of course, they walk they're frou frou dogs on the longest leash, which prompts me to jump on the street otherwise they bite my ankles.

Quirk 10: Why do some people feel the need to have discussions when they run? These are the "talkers," which I'm totally not. Maybe that's why I run solo?

Quirk #11: Since when is the sidewalk a path for pelotons to ride on? I believe it's much safer for a bicycle to ride on the road than a person to run on it.

However, there are many perks to running too: 
Perk #1: The mere act of getting dressed to run excites me. I enjoy picking out my outfit and matching my sports bra and shorts together. I usually pick out the shorts according to my mood. My shorter shorts are for my sassy days and my longer, boy-ish shorts are for my "dragging" days. Oh, and I can't forget, I absolutely love putting on my smelly Newton sneakers =)
Perk #2: I love running on an empty stomach.
Perk #3: There's nothing like a good stretch before a run. I release all my tension and prep my mind for the day's run.
Perk #4:  There's nothing like starting a run with a little prayer. I thank God for all the blessings in my life and for giving me the gift of running.
Perk #5: Running down my running path is like having front row seats to the greatest show on Earth. There's nothing more satifying than feeling the wind in your face, hearing the birds on the trees, looking at the trees and flowers that embellish Miami, smelling the salt from the ocean and tasting your sweat falling on your lips.
Perk #6: It's always inspiring to see a plethora of people running beside you. I truly enjoy watching different kinds of people running up and down the Key Biscayne bridge. It's like running's Happy Hour.
Perk #7: This might seem more like a quirk of mine, but I actually like feeling pain when I train. Some track workouts are rather painful and ruthless, but it's a bittersweet feeling to do them.
Happy Runnings Everyone!!
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