Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be Motivated!!

Today's Workout:
8 mile run

I was recently approached by a guy who told me, "I'm usually lazy but every time I think of being lazy, I just think about all the miles you put in during the week." I was extremely flattered when he told me that, but by no means do I believe I am Wonder Woman. I am just as normal as anyone else. I too get tired and stressed out from running too much. Sometimes, when it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I have just woken up from working the night before, all I want to do is sleep and be lazy.

It's easy to make excuses and blame your lack of inactivity to being tired, working too many hours, not enough time because you have children, etc. The truth is, anyone can accomplish what they want, as long as, you find the motivation to do it and stick to it consistently.

You might wonder what keeps me motivated to run. There are actually a few things that inspire me to run everyday.

This inspires me:
This motivates me:
This demands me:
And this makes me:
Here are some tips to stay motivated to exercise:
1. Create a Habit
Be consistent when you workout because chances are you won't want to ruin the healthy pattern of exercise you have created.
2. Be strict with yourself
Don't feel bad for yourself or make excuses. Demand yourself to get up and do something whether it's walking, running, cycling, whatever!
3. Establish a goal
It's easier to find motivation when you have a goal to accomplish. It could be any goal. Your goal could be weight loss, health reasons, build strength, etc.
4. Get a group of friends together to exercise
Chances are that if you exercise with other people, you will feel a sense of accountability, so this will keep you motivated to workout.
5. Listen to good music
Music can actually distract you from feeling pain while you exercise and it may also distract you from noticing the time you're putting into a workout.
What motivates you to exercise?

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