Friday, March 22, 2013


Today's Workout:
6 mile recovery run

Howdy friends and Happy Friday!
Ok, I must admit that I'm a little jelly (jealous) that I have to work tonight, as a matter of fact, this whole weekend. But that's ok because it's still Lenten season so I can't even partake in happy hour or in any adult function since I gave up adult beverages for Lent.
Anywho, if you read yesterday's post, I was rambling about not drinking enough water, which I desperately need, so I got myself this nice, Barney-colored, to-go, thermos cup...
The BUBBA cup is super cool because it keeps cold liquids cold for up to 6 hours and warm liquids hot for 12 hours.
But wait there's more!...
The BUBBA cup has multiple functions too! It's got a can opener at the bottom of the handle. Let's see, I could use The BUBBA cup for water, coffee, beer juices, etc... Now I have no excuses not to drink water on the go.
But wait that's not all...
The BUBBA cup is totally fashionable. It matches my nails =)
I wonder what BUBBA would say about my BUBBA cup??
What do you think about my BUBBA cup?

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