Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heel Striker

Today's Workout:
10 mile run @ the track

Have I ever mentioned how much I love heels? Of course I have! I was rambling about it the other day when I wore my black stilleto heels to happy hour. Anyway, I must confess that I am completely obsessed with high heels; the higher the heel, the better!

Unfortunately, I've had to set aside my collection for a few years now. So, to Mr. Louboutin, Ms. Simpson, Mr. Kors, Ms. Wang and my other No-Name brand heels, I must let you go while I rigorously train for the Boston Marathon. I just want to say though that....

I'm thankful for the svelte look you give me:
But the truth is, you've got me walking like a cowboy the next day:
(Walking on the sides of my feet is what I call the cowboy walk. Ladies, you know exactly what I mean! It's when the balls of your feet hurt so bad that you have to walk on the sides of your feet like a cowboy. Yeehaw!!).
I'm also thankful because you make me look like I have legs for days:
And, thank you for making me feel sexy when I sashay my way to the dance floor:
However, we will have to part ways because Discovery said so....
As per a study that was conducted at Iowa State University, researchers found that high heels:
1. Adds pressure to the inside of a woman's knees
2. It alters the muscles and the tendons of a woman's legs
3. It changes women's posture
4. Causes ankles to tilt inward
5. Causes stiffness in the calf muscle and the achilles tendon, which
6. Causes women to be less effecient in flat-foot activities, such as running.
Hey, #6 is a good enough reason for me to seldomly wear high heels while I train. Just some food for thought Ladies (and gentlemen too, if that's your thing ;)
Do you wear high heels and how often?
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  1. Erika you are sexy no matter what you are wearing.