Sunday, March 10, 2013

Playing Nurse

Today's Workout:

For some reason, the most difficult part of training for a marathon is the resting portion of it. I could honestly say that I love running everyday- it makes me feel whole, sane and energetic. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night before a long run because of the excitement I feel. Awkward? Maybe just a little, but it's my passion!

Anyway, I wasn't scheduled to take a day off today from running, but last night I began feeling some discomfort on my left ankle. I quickly recognized the discomfort as being an inflammation of the achilles tendon. It's not unsual for runners to experience this. There are a few things that make the tendon swell such as, running in old and worn out sneakers, tight calf muscle, over-training, etc. I'm not sure where I fit into that equation, but as soon as I felt the discomfort, I nipped it in the butt.....

I grabbed one of these bags from the freezer...
And I iced my ankle three times during the day for 20 minutes
Then I applied Tiger Balm on my ankle and on my calf muscle. This stuff stinks! I permanently smell like Ben-Gay =(
And then I massaged my leg
I slept in compression socks to aid with my leg's circulation and recovery
In the meantime.....
I relaxed and drank some coffee while reading this fantastic book. I love Valerie Burton! She's a dynamic and motivational woman. She's a true example of what a 21st Century woman should be. She's confident, independent and resilient!! (She's my kind of gal)!!
So, my friends, I am hoping this little nuisance in my ankle will go away within several hours....Wish me luck!!!
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