Friday, March 1, 2013

Sock It Up!

Today's Workout:
15 mile track workout

I recently began wearing long tight socks when I read an article in Runner's World that stated that recovery/compression socks may help runners perform better and that they may help with muscle soreness. Surely, they have become a running fad and a "cool" gear to wear when exercising. You can now buy these in all sorts of colors and designs, whether you're a male or a female. Besides their total coolness, these socks may actually be beneficial for runners.

But do you know their actual benefit?
A proposed theory on the socks stated that a runner's performance could benefit from the socks because they enhance aerobic threshold and they clear out lactate acid from one's muscles.
After a few studies were conducted, researchers found that the runners aerobic and anaerobic threshold did in fact improve when they wore the socks (even though it was a slight increase).
They also found that the socks didn't necessarily eliminate lactate acid from their muscles, however the runners reported feeling less muscle soreness.
So, today's lesson is: SOCK IT UP if you want to run harder and longer without feeling tightness and soreness in your legs!!
I can definitely vouche for these socks because my legs feel less sore when I run in them. I usually sock it up on my long run days and I feel the difference!! =)
HAPPY RUNNING my friends!
Do you like or dislike these socks?
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