Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Challenge

Today's Workout:
15.5 miles @ the track

I declare that this is the season for a new challenge! I don't particularly like doing things when they're "supposed" to be done, so I have created a list of challenges/goals that I would like to accomplish this Spring season. This is sort of my "New Year's Resolution" list, which I deliberately failed to write out at the beginning of the year.

So, after much thought, this is the list I put together:
(Art is not my forte)

As a typical runner, it's difficult for me to do anything else but run. The reality is, that runners actually benefit from weight-lifting and cross-training.

Both strength training and cross-training help by:

1. Balancing muscle groups: it will strengthen your non-running muscles while you rest your running muscles.

2. Improve cardio-vascular fitness.

3. Helps avoid injury because you're not focusing solely on your running muscles.

4. If you're injured, you could still train while letting your injury heal.
As for Yoga, well let's just say that I am as flexible as a piece of 2x4 wood. I've heard a lot of good things about Yoga like it stregthens your muscles, increases flexibility, increases whole-body movement and it can alleviate the stress that runners feel when they focus on the big PR.
So while I may never be able to do this

I can definitely do this!

As for #4 on the list, resting and relaxation are probably the most mindful of things on that list. Let's just say I have to think about relaxing--it doesn't come naturally. I love being active and busy and always doing something, but I've realized that my body NEEDS time off. So, I will try (operative word) to relax perhaps by getting a massage, facial, long walk on the beach, blah blah blah...
Can anyone suggest a good book (NOT 50 Shades of Grey!) and a good vacation destination for me and hubby?

And one last thing... Speaking about accomplished goals, I wanted to say how proud I am of my husband Milo (and the company he works for "Acousti Engineering") for winning the CISCA & INTEX award (Building) Contractors of the Year (in America!!!)!!
Milo is on the left

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