Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hot off the Press: My fantabulous Week

Total hours worked: 66 hours
Total mileage done: 63 miles

Let's see... what fun and exciting things happened in Erika's life this week:

I washed about 5 loads of this...
I vacuumed, swept, moped, scrubbed and cleaned...
I got a humongous pimple right there (ok, maybe a little to the left)...
A disgusting, human-sized roach almost invaded my car while I was driving at work...Not to mention, it was holding on to dear life as I drove...UGH! =/
My reaction when I saw the creepy and very, very, sneaky roach...(Have I mentioned how scared I am of roaches?)
Oh, and I started tapering this week for the Boston Marathon. That basically means that I have to begin recovering from my training and I have to start fueling my body with proper nutrients for the race. So how do I go about doing that?
1. Reducing my weekly mileage
2. Decreasing calorie intake, but keeping up with carbs (aka carb-loading)
3. Fueling up on protein (for muscle recovery)
4. Hydrating properly
5. RESTING & SLEEPING as much as possible!
On the up side, my friend Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Brianna...
I got a fierce peppered-colored manicure...
And I learned that "Goya" now makes organic chickpeas...Way to go Goya!
Happy Weekend my Friends!!
How was your week?

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