Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello friends! I took a two day hiatus from blogging and I must admit I terribly missed blabbing about myself =) Actually, it was Easter weekend so I spent some time with my family doing the usual:


  • 16 mile tempo run in the AM
  • My niece Kali's 1st birthday party 
  • Dinner @ night with hubby
  • 6 mile recovery run in the AM
  • Easter mass (LENT is officially over!!)
  • Brunch with hubby and my friend Frank
  • Easter dinner with Milo's family
  • Movie with hubby 
So exciting huh?!? Well, I had a lot of time to think this weekend--just random and senseless stuff. One of my good friend's Jess, had a baby and my best friend Alyssa's sister had a baby too. The birth of these two babies got me thinking that perhaps I should take a break from running and maybe I should start a family too? I mean, running will always be there right? And so will Boston? The Olympics aren't going anywhere either you know. So, I believe I am making the smartest and most mature decision to stop running until my family grows. What do you think??

Actually, what's really interesting is that some theorists believe that women become stronger after childbirth. Call it survival of the fittest or muscle memory, but researchers strongly think that women's muscles become stronger and more "mature" after pregnancy. Not too shabby huh?? 


I just love playing jokes! No, I am not going to stop running, at least not yet. Yes, motherhood is on the to do list, but not quite just yet! 

What's the best April Fools joke you have played on someone?

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  1. I can completely attest to being stronger after children and I'm definitely tougher after having four of them. My body is in better shape and seems to bounce back better after everyone of them.

    I'm getting back in my running groove after taking several months off.

    I'm tired of feeling overweight.

    I'm also grateful that I can run and that my body is so quick to respond.

    I love this blog!

  2. Hello and thank you for stopping by! I wish you luck with running and perhaps when I decide to have children you can fill me in on how to bounce back ;) (wink).