Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mind Your Munchies

Rise and Shine Friends!
Here's a quick status of my knee injury:
Isn't that gross? I've been feeling a little bit better, but it's still difficult to bend my knee. I don't think it's infected anymore, but it's still swollen and warm to the touch. I'm anxiously waiting for the injury to heal so I can get out of the house and have some fun. Can anyone say cabin fever? =/
Anyway, I've been asked by a few people how I've managed to keep my weight off during all these years. After learning the concept of eating in small portions every few hours, I attribute my weight loss and maintenance of it to that idea.
How it works: When you eat smaller meals during the day, the speed of your metabolism increases thus converting the food into energy instead of stored fats. Eating frequently also keeps your blood sugar in check so your insulin levels won't spike. When your insulin levels spikes your body cannot burn fat so you end up gaining weight. Also, when you skip meals your body goes into starvation mode and it'll crave junk foods, such as sweets.
How to do it: It's easy to eat frequently you just have to know what to eat. For example,
  • High protein foods such as lean meats, hard-boiled eggs and beans
  • Good fats such as nuts, avocado and olive oil
  • Good carbs such as veggies, fruits and whole grains
The idea is to pair a protein when you eat carbs and fats. For instance, a great snack can include 1-2 hard-boiled eggs (protein) with an apple (carb) or cottage cheese (protein) with pineapples (carb) or a stick of cheese (protein) with crackers (carb) and almond butter (fat). Remember, when choosing a carb make sure it's a complex carb. Complex carbs take longer to break down in your body so it'll make you feel fuller longer. Simple carbs give you energy too but they convert to glucose and fat really quickly which causes weight gain. Simple carbs include fruit juices, white flours, sweets, sodas, etc. (NO BUENO!)
You're probably wondering how to eat snacks on the go, after all, Americans are always out and about and on the go go go. Well my friends, this is how I do it:
Exhibit A: Purse + snacks
Exhibit B: Snacks go inside purse!
I always take a big purse whenever I go out because I store food in it. Since I don't know how long I'll be out for, I always make sure I have food with me. I also take snacks to movie theaters since I don't eat candy, sodas and popcorn. I TAKE FOOD EVERYWHERE, I mean everywhere!!
Why it works: It's basic science, just follow me: When you eat a carb your pancreas creates insulin which causes your body to store glucose (sugar). When you pair the protein with the carb, the protein uses the glucose which doesn't allow the glucose to just sit in your body as fat. The protein uses up the glucose as energy so it burns fat. Also, eating more frequently helps you feel fuller longer so you don't binge eat later. It also reduces cravings because it makes you feel satiated longer.

What's your favorite snack?

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  1. Your purse looks like mine! I've always got a banana, apple, and almonds with me.

  2. I too am the mama bear who carries around snacks. I am living in nutrition hell right now though because I have to be on a "low residue diet" (look it up and then cry with me) for a week before my colonoscopy (another good cry). Basically I can ONLY have simple carbs, readily digestible protein, and fats. I can't have anything with fiber-- raw/fresh fruit/veg (I hve literally begun fantasizing about these things), anything with seeds or skins, or wheat flour/grain (NO OATS WHYYYYYY)--only white flour, stewed veg (but only like green beans or carrots), milk products up to 2 cups a day, and sugar. And I'm a distance runner. Luckily I am super careful no matter what (I have Crohn's so I take the best care of myself that I can) but this. Is. My. Hell. My face is breaking out, I'm always hungry, never full, and my energy levels are all over the place.
    Wwwwwaaaaaaannnnnnnnhhhhhhh :_{}
    On the plus side I hit my highest mileage in almost a year (36) this past week, but I just want to eat my foods again!!!

    1. Awwwww, I wish you luck! It's only temporary, remember that. Congrats on your new mileage for the week! That's awesome =)

  3. Erika - congrats on a sub-3 hr finish at the Boston Marathon! Your story of getting up at mile 23 and finishing the race strong is simply inspiring. I wish you a speedy recovery!
    I too ran Boston this year, and although not my best time, I was able to finish at 3:39 despite cutting back on training due to shin splints. I have to say, my quads are still sore even 6 days after the marathon and I can totally relate to the "cabin fever" - I wish nothing more than to be able to run outside!

    Best of luck and I know you will get qualified for the 2016 Olympic Trials! You go girl!

    1. Thank you May! And congrats to you too for running Boston!! I hope your shin splints get better :)

  4. That's what my purse looks like, too! I always have water, almonds, an apple and banana with me!
    Hope you get better soon!

  5. Glad to hear your knee is feeling better-- you are an inspiration!!

  6. Peanut butter. Anything with peanut butter. I pack snack too. And a tea bag.

    Glad you're feeling better!

    1. Thank you Marcia! And I totally agree with you, PB goes good on anything!!!!

  7. Glad you are recovering well! I like to pack snacks around too...always on the go!

  8. Really glad your knee is recovering!
    Well with three active boys I'm always bringing snacks w me. My favorites-similar to you would be apples or bananas and some type of cracker. I like how you outlined the reason behind snacking this way. Great info! Keep on resting and have a blessed week:-)

    1. Thank you Joslyn!! Fruits are the best snacks- I love them!! Have a blessed week too :)

  9. I too am such a snacker! Especially when I am logging more training time, it's harder for me to eat full meals so I snack more. I love bananas and goldfish, pretty much my favorite!