Saturday, April 27, 2013

Music, Play & Fitness

Rise & Shine Friends! Today is a gorgeous Saturday and I am ready for some play time!!
I started off my Saturday morning by going to the gym and doing a strength training session. The session consisted of:
  • Leg press 3x20
  • Push-ups 3x10
  • Seated row 3x20
  • Plie squats 3x20
  • Shoulder press 2x20
  • Deadlifts 2x20
  • Bicep curls 2x20
  • Tricep extensions 2x20
Then I hopped on the stationary bike and cycled for 30 minutes. My knee injury is feeling better, but for some reason I woke up with my leg swollen. Hmmm? Not sure why?
Left leg is a bit swollen.
Looks a bit better don't ya think? =/
Anywho, my mother-in-law invited my hubby and I to a musical last night. It was spectacular! Ever heard of South Pacific? It's a musical that was written in the late 40's and performed in Broadway. We actually saw at the University of Miami theatre and it was performed by the students.
Well friends, I'm off for some more playing time. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates.
What are you doing this weekend?
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  1. Ohhh so jealous! I grew up watching the original South Pacific on VHS at my Grandparents house...oh how I enjoyed that movie! Praying for your knee!

  2. ooh ouch, your knee... Hope it heals quickly!

    I am going on a day hike, today. I love being outdoors. Just hope I don't sneeze my head off from spring allergies xD