Thursday, April 4, 2013

Prepping for Heartbreak

As the Boston Marathon nears, I can't help but to feel a combination of emotions. It's like a roller coaster of happiness and nervousness. I don't think it has hit me yet that I will be running in this race. I have pined over this race for about four years now and I am finally going. I've begun tapering for the race, so my mileage has gone down; however, today I did a very challenging tempo run which incorporated three sets of progressions. Basically, this was the breakdown of the run:

4 mile warm up. Two miles at a 6.40 minute pace, then a 400 meter jog. Two miles at a 6.30 minute pace, then a 400 meter jog. Two miles at a 6.20 minute pace, then a 400 meter jog. Four mile cool down.
These types of runs are designed to build endurance and lactate acid threshold. So the idea is, to simulate the pain that I will experience throughout the marathon so that I can endure as much pain as possible. Historically, the race has been known for the difficulty of the course and its unpredictable weather. From miles 16 to 21, there are a series of hills known as the "Newton Hills" which tests a runner's endurance and physical ability to endure pain. The last Newton Hill is called "Heartbreak Hill" because it comes at point (from mile 20-21) when all of your glycogen stores are probably depleted. I'm ready for some HEARTBREAK! =)

In case you guys don't know, these are some interesting facts about the race:
  • It's the world's oldest marathon.
  • It always takes place on Patriot's Day.
  • In terms of media coverage, the Boston Marathon is the 2nd biggest single-day sporting event in the US.
  • There's usually about 500,000 spectators.
I normally don't get star-struck but I'll get to see Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher this year at the race. They are amazing marathoners and an inspiration for me.

Have you ever ran the Boston Marathon? 

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  1. Hi Erika! You are such an inspiration and I can't wait to hear all about Boston! I've experienced in running that you have to let your body do what its ready to do even when your brain is telling you otherwise. Go out there, have fun and kick ass-phalt! =)

  2. Thank you Gladys for your kind words--it's always good to hear that and be reminded that one should listen to one's body at all times.

  3. You've trained hard for this, you got this! The running group's coaches that I belong to have ran it several times. They always say it was an amazing experience. Hope yours is as well! I'm excited to hear about your experince.

  4. Thank you Millie for the encouraging words. I will definitely let you know how it goes =)