Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taper Tantrums

Today's Workout:
6 mile run
The Boston Marathon is officially 5 days away and I have been throwing some taper tantrums these past couple of days. Yes, I said it correctly, taper tantrums!

Tantrum: (/ˈtantrəm/) An uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

I am feeling overweight and I am going in running withdrawals. These feelings are actually quite normal when a runner goes through their taper phase. The tapering phase usually begins two weeks before a marathon. It entails:
1. Reducing your weekly mileage
2. Reducing the frequency and duration of the workouts
3. Eating a healthy diet
4. Hydrating
5. Resting
This is probably the most difficult part of training for a marathon because psychologically we get used to running high mileage and it makes our psyche feel good. Running, like a drug, causes pleasure in our mind, so we crave it when we don't have it. Crazy huh? The feelings of being overweight are normal too because you do in fact gain about 3 pounds. That's because you are loading up on carbs and you are retaining water from lack of sweating. I suppose the best remedy for all this is to be rational and to think that "it will pass" in one week. The hard work and stress will pay off on Monday!
For the meantime, I will keep on eating, drinking water, doing light runs and taking ice baths....Brrrr
80lbs of ice with Epsom Salt

I'm ready for some chilly water
It never gets easier. JUST DO IT!

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  1. I always found ice baths much easier when I wore a hat and some kind of fleecy things on my top half(makes it easy to spend lots of time in there while reading a book) reason my upper body should suffer for my lower halfs sins! Enjoy your taper and looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!

  2. Hmmm, I should try that next time! Looking forward to seeing you too ;)

  3. I wish i looked half as good as you when i attempt to ice bath! Good luck at Boston!