Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Get Moving Monday

Today's Workout:
3 mile run

Hello friends and Happy Monday!
Today I started my day with an easy 3 mile run. As you may or may not know, I've been taking some rest days in order to recover from my knee injury. It's amazing how I felt when I was running today. Not only did I physically feel well, but my emotions were completely taken to another level by the sheer strides that my legs took.
Patience is definitely a key ingredient when recovering, but admittedly I say that it's very difficult to remain calm when I cannot do what I need want to do. I suppose that my patience will pay off in the long run (no pun intended), but for now, I'll just gradually work up to a higher mileage while my knee heals up completely.  
Today I want to motivate you to do something where you will A) break a sweat and B) get some blood flowing in your body AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXERCISE!!!

Did you know that some chores count as working out?
1. Walk up the stairs with groceries. Skip the elevator and walk up and down the stairs with your groceries. Studies have shown that you can burn up to 85 calories (for a 150-pound person).
2. Wash your car. You can burn up to 150 calories washing your car.
3. Cook. Besides the health benefits from eating a healthy meal at home, you can burn up to 180 calories by cooking for an hour.

4. Dusting. Dusting for an hour can burn up to 150 calories.
5. Gardening. Gardening can burn up to 180 calories in just 30 minutes. Weeding burns even more!
6. Scrub the floors. You can burn up to 130 calories in just 30 minutes.

7. Vacuuming. An hour of pushing that heavy apparatus can burn up to 238 calories.
Hmmm, I wonder how many calories I burned today while I dusted, mopped, broomed, scrubbed and washed clothes for 4 hours??
 I'm grateful that I organized my new house
and everything is finally in order.
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  1. It's so nice and refreshing that you write something that you are thankful about at the end of your posts. It's such a good attitude! You're very inspiring!

  2. Thank you! I think that being grateful creates a positive attitude. Life isn't always peachy, but if you find something positive in everything, your outlook on life will be more pleasant =).