Saturday, May 4, 2013

My 5 totally gnarly posts and Pin It Party

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday!
Today I would like to share my top 5 totally gnarly posts with you. Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean  is hosting a Pin It Party so that bloggers could highlight their favorite posts on Pinterest. Here are the 5 posts that I would love to see on Pinterest. So c'mon friends, PIN ME!!
Totally Gnarly Post #1
Getting ready for the work week shouldn't be a hassle. Only a couple of hours a week will get you prepared to eat some healthy meals for you and your fam.
Totally Gnarly Post #2
Remember those fun Flintstone's gummie vitamins that we used to eat as kids? Well guess what? Vitamins are still an important part of our diet especially if you're an athlete. Vitamins such as D3, aids the immune system and helps fight diseases.
Totally Gnarly Post #3
A lot of runners tend to focus solely on running, but there are many benefits from cross-training. Engaging in other physical activities can make you stronger and prevent injuries.
Totally Gnarly Post #4
Fueling before a run is just as important as fueling during and after a run. Consuming just a small meal will make you feel better and last longer during the run.
Totally Gnarly Post #5
I just love me some nutty-flavored quinoa especially if it comes with black beans and corn! For a great southwestern style quinoa try this recipe during your Cinco de Mayo festivities.
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