Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Tipster: Running While Traveling

Today's Workout:
4 mile run

5 sets of:
20 walking lunges
15 air squats
10 sit ups

'Tis the season of vacations, weekend get-aways and business trips. So how will you run or exercise when you're in a foreign city or country? How will you make time for some sweat sessions while you're away? It can be done friends!

These are some guidelines to follow when planning to run or exercise in a place that is totally out of your element (The unknown can be scary, but don't fret!).

1. Do research before you leave. Use sites such as Map My Run or Run the Planet for running routes in the city that you will be visiting. You could also ask the concierge at your hotel or cruise ship to give you the safest routes around town.

2. Run on a treadmill. Most hotels and cruise ships have at least one treadmill. 

3. Cross-train. When you're on vacation, you may be doing activities that aren't part of your usual exercise routine, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, or swimming. One of those cross-training activities can be a substitute for your run.

4. Find a local gym. If your hotel doesn't have a gym, find one nearby. Gyms usually have a guest pass for weeks at a time.

5. Find a race. Running in a race can be fun and a great way to get your run in. It's also great for sightseeing and meeting people.

6. Doing something is better than nothing. If you planned on doing a long run or sprint workout but time or location constraints got in the way, just do an easy run. Don't be radical like most runners--it's not a big deal.

7. Get creative. Come up with a quick HIIT routine. I usually get my routines from The Traveling WOD. The Traveling WOD (workout of the day) stems from the philosophies of Cross-Fit. The routines are quick and fun and very effective. You could also do some core work.

8. Be safe and be smart. Always remember to air on the side of caution. If you're staying in a not-so-good part of town, then opt for the gym. Another suggestion is to run in the morning when it's daylight. Don't run at night! Also, take a phone with you for emergencies. If it's possible, run in a crowded area or where there's lots of people. Make yourself visible.

Have fun on vacay!!
What are your vacation plans this summer?
I'm grateful for all the useful tools
that the web offers to runners. 
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  1. No plans for me- I'll be stuck in humid NYC all summer :(

  2. I think NYC is a great place to be in! ;)

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