Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Re-cap: I just had to say NO

Hello Friends and Happy Monday!
It's been a couple of days since I have blogged and I'm blaming it on my super duper, fun-filled schedule this weekend. Ok, I'm totally kidding. I wish that were the case. Hubby and I spent the whole weekend unpacking, building closets, washing clothes and trying to accommodate our new house. What a pain! In the midst of all that, I got up on Saturday morning and went to a 1-hour spinning class. I had a blast.
After my spinning session, I went to my special "nail lady" who rescued my toes from ingrown toenails. Most runners would probably agree with me when I say that endurance runners have the most ugliest feet ever. The continuous pounding on our feet usually leads to ingrown toenails, calluses, corn and/or broken and torn nails. It's actually kind of gross, but I'll take these fast running babies any day =) Fellow blogger, Skinny Runner can attest to this...
Exhibit A: The toe next to the big one is broken. The big toe has an ingrown toenail. OUCH!
Anywho, I continued my day by getting a therapeutic massage from my masseuse/chiropractor Jodie Espinet. I explained to her how badly my left calf muscle was hurting. The pain started behind the top of my left knee and extended to the bottom of the leg. I can't run or jog and spinning feels mildly bad. Jodie stretched me, did an ultrasound of my leg, aligned my body and massaged the affected area. When she was done she flat out told me what I've been dreading to hear: YOU CAN'T RUN, JOG OR SPIN. YOU CAN ONLY WALK! I nearly started crying when she told me that.
She explained to me that because I suffered a puncture wound on my left knee, the surrounding muscles have been over-compensating when I run and spin. This has resulted in an inflammation of my calf muscle. She told me that I needed to rest for a week and she suggested that I apply ice compressions about 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes. What am I going to do with myself without any physical activity for one week? I'm really making an effort not to be stubborn, so I have taken Jodie's advice and I've been icing my calf muscle. I just had to say NO to running and spinning =(

What fun and exciting things did you do this weekend? Please make me jealous =)
I am grateful for Jodie's sound advice.
This may be a blessing in disguise. 


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  1. Don't feel too bad, Erika, I am sidelined for the next several weeks from just about everything. This hamstring tendinitis has me off of work, even, since I stand for 8-12 hours at a time. My only hope is swimming, which I don't love doing for exercise. I hope youfeel better soon!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I wish you luck too!! I hate swimming as well, but I've been thinking of running in water. I heard it's a great way to keep up one's fitness when one can't run on a treadmill or on the pavement. Keep me posted on your recovery ;)