Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hammerheads Meeting Re-cap

Today's Workout:
6 mile run

Hello friends! Today's run was quite the adventure. I woke up at 4:30 am and I was out the door by 4:40 am. I had heard thunder throughout the night, but I thought I was merely dreaming of furniture being moved around. Needless to say, when I stepped outside my house the sky was dark and gloomy with an occasional shower of lightening. The morning was quiet and humid as usual. Then things got a little chilly...

I was about a quarter mile into my run when all of a sudden a burst of showers fell upon me. The rain came down at the speed of light which caused my white visor to fall upon my eyes. The ferocious wind made me sway from side to side, but I was determined to keep on running. I prayed to God that a tree branch or a coconut wouldn't fall on my head. Perhaps I should be following my own advice on running in the rain,  I thought. As I kept running my Newton sneakers got soaked and dirty from the muddy waters. I stopped fretting over the rain and enjoyed the water falling on my body--it was refreshing. About half-way through the run the rain ceased from falling. It's fun to run in the rain every now and then. It's a good reminder that we shouldn't take life so seriously.

On to a different topic...

Last night I was invited by Mike Estevez from Pinecrest Fitness to be a guest speaker at the monthly South Florida Triathletes Team Hammerheads meeting. The meeting took place at Mack Cycle in Miami.

The Hammerheads were a great bunch. They were very welcoming and I felt at home as I spoke about how I became a runner. I was very humbled when asked to speak about my running successes.

I'm very thankful for the invitation that was extended by the team. They even made me an Honorary Member of the Hammerheads.
I'm grateful for all the wonderful
people I met at the meeting. 

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  1. That is awsome. You are an inspiration and they had a great speaker in you. Congrats.

    1. Thanks Frank! You're always so sweet =)