Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pin It Party!

Today's Workout:
5 mile run

Hello everyone! Today's post was inspired by Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean who coordinated a Pin It Party. The objective is to blog about 5 previous posts that I would like to see on Pinterest. So, make sure to "Pin Me" when you click on each link on this page.

Tips on using protein powder to make delicious and tasty meals.
A high intensity interval training program involves maximum exertion followed by a quick rest period for a set of intervals. The exercise routines usually last about 20 minutes and they're focused on building strength.
If you enjoy grilling but you don't like meat, then this is a great recipe for you. This is a delicious veggie kabob recipe that makes for the perfect summertime meal.
Learn why eating more will help you shed inches. The key to losing weight is choosing healthy food options.
Try this apple granola recipe that is absolutely delectable! You can add granola to anything. You can add it to yogurt, ice cream, fruits or desserts. YUM!
So go ahead, PIN ME! ;)
I'm grateful for fellow bloggers
like Lindsay who share their knowledge
and promote a fun atmosphere
for all bloggers. 
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