Thursday, June 6, 2013

Running in the Rain

Today's Workout:
4.5 mile run

Hello friends! I decided to write a post about singing running in the rain because the state of Florida is having the most wretched weather all weekend long. Tropical Storm Andrea is bearing down in Florida today so its been raining non-stop. But guess what? The thought of pouring rain and soggy socks shouldn't stop you from running. I absolutely love running in the rain. There's a few cons but for the most part, I love how the drizzle and light rain makes my body feel. It's usually very warm and humid in Florida, so rain and a light breeze makes a run more refreshing.

Here are some tips to consider when you run in the rain:
  • Use Vaseline or body glide on your body. I would suggest to use it on your inner thighs, chest (around the nipple area for men), and on your ankles and toes. The ointment helps avoid the friction and chafing that comes with wetness. 
  • Wear reflective gear. You could wear a vest or a light. This is a safety concern because drivers cannot see well when it rains.

  • Wear the appropriate gear. I think that a cap is a must. This avoids water and debris from falling into your eyes and face. Make sure it's a light dri-fit cap and not one that is made out of cotton. Cotton can be heavy on your head. If it's cold outside, you might consider wearing gloves and a windbreaker. If it's not cold, I would suggest wearing light and comfortable clothing. Also, consider wearing light socks as they will get wet and soggy. Just face it, you're gonna get wet!

  • Watch your step. Look out for puddles and for the white lines on the road. Holes on the street are usually disguised with puddles, so be careful. Also, the white lines may be slippery, so don't step on them.
  • Watch out for your electronics. I wouldn't suggest running with them, but if you absolutely need your phone and music gear, then consider bagging them inside of a Ziploc bag and/or buy a water-proof case for them.

Do you enjoy running in the rain?
I'm grateful for the rain because
it's the perfect weather to
sleep and watch movies. 

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  1. It's been rainy in Wisconsin for the past few days too...not nearly as bad in Florida though. I used to use rain as an excuse to skip my runs, but now I love running in the rain. I did a 5 miler last night in the drizzle, and it felt so refreshing. Running in the rain also makes me feel like a bit of bad ass...

    1. I totally agree with you. Running in the rain makes me feel like, "Ha, nothing can stop me!"

  2. Hey Erika. Good advise howerever I dislike the wet rainy weather when spending a few days on the trail. (An alternative to running for me with such beautiful trails up here in PA) We just got back from another 15 mile hike on the Loyalsock Trail and we didn't have the best weather. I do use a salve like vasolene but I use it with miconozole hcl. It can be found with the athlete's foot/jock itch treatments. Since out normal bacteria grows on overload as we sweat, it causes the burn of chafing and it is safe for men and women to use in those troubled areas. I also wear 9" nylon type boxer briefs. My new boots this year were waterproof but I didn't break them in properly and the excess moisture wreaked havoc on my feet. No amount of protection would have helped my lack of prepatation. I was able to return them and purchases a pair of Merril waterproof hikers. The rain is great for the beauty of the many mountain streams and waterfalls we encounter. I wish it was a bit easier on the body.

    1. Hi Frank! I can't imagine hiking while raining. That does sound like a bit of a mess. Plus, there's more miles involved when hiking. Like you said, one would need to thoroughly prepare for that kind of weather. I hope you had fun in the trails =).

  3. Sorry for my typos. I hope you got the message.

  4. Good tips! Definitely avoid cotton. The body glide doesn't just wash off in the rain? I've never used it in the rain...

    1. Brittany, the body glide is water-proof. Many athletes use it to avoid the chafing that comes from body to body friction and from chafing that results from sweat in the body. You should give it a try. It works!!