Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Price Nutrition Product Review

Hello friends! These were my workouts for today:

AM Workout:
5 mile run
PM Workout:
Dumbbell shoulder press
Dumbbell upright row
10 Burpees
Dumbbell floor press
Dumbbell floor flye
10 Burpees
Plank hold
10 Burpees
Push ups
Tricep extensions
10 Burpees
Dumbbell curls
Hammer curls
10 Burpees
*Each exercise is done for 20 seconds and then you rest for 10 seconds. Do each exercise 4 times and then you move on to the next one.
Have you ever heard of Best Price Nutrition ? BPN are nutrition wholesalers from the Chicago area and they are known for their quality products and cheap prices. They sent me some cool products to test out and this is what I thought about them:
Garden of Life RAW Protein
My thoughts on it: I mixed in 1 packet of vanilla RAW Protein into 6oz of water. It tasted sweet and light. It didn’t have the chalky taste that some protein shakes have. The RAW Protein could be mixed with regular milk or almond milk. I think it would be even more delicious with almond milk.
Benefits of RAW Protein:
-It’s a plant-based protein versus coming from whey or soy.
-It’s made with organic sprouted protein.
-It’s gluten, dairy and soy free.
-It increases the protein content of your meals.
-You could drink RAW Protein after a workout or as a meal during the day.
Empyrean Beta Peptide
My thoughts on it: I mixed one small packet (of the fruit punch flavor) with 6oz of water. It had a fruity taste to it and it was a light drink.
Benefits of Beta Peptide:
-You can drink beta peptide before, during or after a workout.
-It’s a superfood which contains 29 organic fruits and vegetables.
-Increases strength and improves endurance.
-It speeds the recovery process after a workout.
-It increases muscle carnosine which delays muscle fatigue (this means longer and harder workouts).
-It doesn’t contain caffeine or stimulants (so you won't feel like you're on overdrive).
Garden of Life Vitamin Code
Benefits of Vitamin Code:
-The vitamins are recognized as a nutritious food source by your body.
-Increases bone strength.
-It’s made with raw food.
Cyto Greens for Athletes
My thoughts on it: A disclaimer before you drink Cyto Greens: Don't be afraid by its color and its consistency. Yes, it's a green drink and no, it does not taste like dirt. I was actually surprised by its fruity taste. It may not look like a fancy martini, but it sure tastes good and it's very nutritional for you!
Benefits of Cyto Greens:
-It’s a green superfood drink that’s filled with chlorophyll, spirulina, chlorella and matcha green tea. These ingredients aid in digestion and are potent antioxidants.
-It helps your muscles recover faster.
-Increases overall performance and decreases lactic acid levels.
-Increases endurance and stamina.

BPN has a bunch of nutritional products that range from vitamins to protein bars to protein powders to apparel to gym equipment. They have everything and anything you can imagine for working out. Check 'em out at
What's your favorite protein powder?
I'm grateful for all the laughs
I share with my co-workers.

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