Monday, July 29, 2013

Calendar Photo Shoot

Today's Workout:
5.5 mile run (with strides on the last mile)

Howdy friends! I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was awesome! I did absolutely nothing on Saturday. Ok, I'll elaborate on my nothingness. After being gone for a week, hubby came back from New Orleans (he was on a business trip) on Friday night. I had planned to run in the morning, but I couldn't resist from snuggling with him. The weather was just perfect for that. It was rainy and thundering and quite frankly it looked like a monsoon outside of our window. We stayed indoors and ordered a huge order of sushi. Hubby ordered the regular stuff while I ordered everything veggie. We did some baby planning stuff and then we watched a marathon series of Orange is the New Black. We are totally hooked!

On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and got ready for a calendar shoot. WildSide
photography chose me, along with, 11 other female runners for their 2014 "Fastest Female Runners in South Florida" calendar. I felt very honored to have been chosen. Here are some pics from the event:


Make up and hair station
My wild make up
The view from the photography setting
Lights, camera, action!
The calendar is tentatively coming out in November so stay tuned for it. It's going to be wild and sexy!! You can check here for calendar updates.
How was your weekend?
I'm grateful for the wonderful
baby gifts that my sister gave me on Sunday.

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  1. I was at my friend's house yesterday and we watched the first episode of "orange is the new black." It will be the first and last one for me! It's too grafic, I don't think I could handle another episode...!

    1. Yes, you're right, it's a too graphic!!