Thursday, July 11, 2013

Circuit Training May Increase Running Speed

Hello Friends!
These were my workouts for today:
AM Workout: 5.5 mile run
PM Workout: 30 minute circuit training
Bench press - max in 1:00 min
Weighted squats - max in 3:00 min
Pulldowns - max in 1:00 min
Run – for 5:00 min
Military press - max in 1:00 min
Lunges - max in 3:00 min
Bicep curls - max in 1:00 min
Run – for 5:00 min
Tricep extensions - max in 1:00 min
Weighted squats - max in 3:00 min
Weighted lunges - max in 3:00 min
4 sets of 30 second planks
2 sets of 20 reps of crunches
Did you know that circuit training could make you a faster runner? Circuit training is designed to give your body an entire workout, so it's meant to improve your cardio fitness while enhancing strength, stamina and mobility.
So how does circuit training work? Circuit training is composed of a burst of resistance/strength exercises (think weight training) that target specific muscle groups with layers of aerobic exercises (think cardio training). Circuit training is basically a combination of strength exercises and cardio. The workout that I did today is an example of a circuit training workout.
Why does circuit training make you a fast runner? The short bursts of exercises in circuit training activates your fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscle fibers are cells that are located in your muscle tissue that allow your muscles to contract. The fibers contract very fast and are resistant to fatigue. These type of fibers are infrequently found in humans because they require deliberate activation. A way to activate these fibers is by performing circuit-type exercises. The key to improved strength, speed and power is by consistently training fast twitch fibers.
There are other types of exercises that increase speed, such as sprinting, weight lifting and interval training.
Benefits of Circuit Training:
1. Get maximum results in little time. Most workouts last about 30 minutes, so you're in and out of the gym.
2. Mix cardio and strength training. Circuit training allows you to mix in cardio and weights, so you never get bored of your workouts.
3. Get your metabolism moving. Because circuit training is quick and intense, your metabolism will speed up into high gear thus burning more calories.
4. Beats boredom. Circuit training allows you to use new gym equipment like TRXkettlebells and Bosu and there are a bunch of workout routines you can do.
Sample Circuit Training Routine
Have you ever tried a circuit training routine?
I'm grateful for the sweet taste
of almond butter. It feeds my pregnancy
craving everyday.
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  1. I love circuit training, I have a binder of circuits I have made over the years, awesome to look back and re-do workouts and see how much stronger you get.

    1. That's great Laura. I've actually just begun putting my binder together. It's a good reference.