Friday, July 5, 2013

Fitness Fridays are a HIIT-Part 3

Hello everyone and TGIF!
I hope y'all had a great 4th of July! Hubby and I went to Peacock Park in Coconut Grove with a few friends to watch the fireworks.
The park was filled with people!
Earlier in the day I did a 4 mile run (at 4pm in the wretched heat..ugh!) and then I performed a quick HIIT session that consisted of:
4 sets of:
100 single unders (jump rope)
I've been incorporating HIIT sessions into my workouts because proponents believe that it can make you a faster runner. Since the workouts call for a short, intermittent bursts of exercises at very hard efforts, followed by short periods of recovery, they say HIIT increases oxygen uptake (VO2 Max) and it helps you deal with the discomfort of racing. Basically, the short hard efforts require more energy from you, so you teach your body how to efficiently use oxygen. This is very important for long distance runners because our endurance is dependent on how well we use oxygen.
Sample HIIT workouts:

On Friday morning I decided to do my long run for the week. I woke up bright and early and went for a 12 mile run in Key Biscayne. It was absolutely lovely. I jogged at an easy pace and enjoyed every stride that my feet took. The weather was warm, but a bit breezy which made the warm temps not seem so bad.


After my run I was totally craving a healthy sandwich. My body was begging me for carbs so I went to the bagel shop near my home and ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread.
That hit the spot =)
What's your favorite HIIT workout? Share your ideas with me.
I'm grateful for the freedom
we are afforded as US citizens. 
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