Friday, July 19, 2013

Fitness Fridays: #Fit In 2

Today's Workout:
8 mile run

Hello friends and TGIF! I am happy to say that the dreadful rain has mildly subsided in Miami. I woke up this morning at about 6:30 am and I heard nothing but my alarm clock (a change from the last few days). It felt like Niagara Falls was next to my window the last couple of days. Bye bye rain and hello humidity. It was pretty nasty and muggy this morning. According to The Weather Channel, the humidity was at 90% and the temps were at 86 degrees. UGH! Nevertheless, I laced up my shoes and put on my visor and headed for a run to Key Biscayne. It felt awesome!

Get FIT IN your community!

My goal for today's Fitness Friday post is to remind you all that running shouldn't be thought of as a boring or too-difficult-kind-of a sport. People have given me a medley of reasons as to why they don't run, and these include, "I'm too fat," "I'm too slow," "I'm too skinny," "I'm not coordinated," "My back and knees hurt," etc. While all those excuses may be true, I still encourage you all to at least give it a try. You don't have to a track star or an elite marathoner to be a runner, ANYONE can be a runner if they would at least try.

There's different ways to start running and one of those ways is by joining a social running group. You're probably thinking, "I'm too shy to join a group and I don't know anyone." Let me be the first to tell you that members of running groups are probably the most down to Earth people I have met. The unique thing about joining a running group is that everyone is there for a reason. The reasons range from wanting to lose weight, to wanting to stay fit, to wanting to make friends, to wanting to compete with other runners, etc. Everyone has an objective when they participate in a running group, so the members tend to be very welcoming of newcomers.
Other reasons to join a running group:
1. Get motivation from your group members.
2. Sharing the experience of running.
3. Establish friendships.
4. Get advice from other runners (and for free!) ;)
5. You will have a huge support system.
Despite what others may say, running clubs are a "stress free, no commitment" kind of place. They are super flexible and non-judgmental. The members are always willing to help and motivate you in reaching your goals. So, if you're a new runner or just need some company running, I humbly recommend joining your local running group. If you're in the Miami area, there's a running group called Team Footworks that gets together at least 3 times a week to run and do yoga.
As a matter of fact, tomorrow I'll be at Footworks to test out the new Newton sneakers. Newton educator Christina Botero will be giving a presentation on the new style of shoe from 9 am to 6pm.
Are you part of a running group? 
I'm grateful that I met up with
an old friend today to have lunch. It
was nice to reminisce.

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  1. Yup I'm part of a running group in the Bay Area. It's really a great place to find support and make friends! We also get asked to volunteer as pacers for local races, which is so much fun :)

    1. Pacing is super fun! Glad you're a part of a running group!

  2. oh my gosh how did we not meet for the 4 years I lived in miami! I couldn't find any other running bloggers!

    I'm in Orlando now, so I'll have to soak up my old runs through you!!

    1. Hello Amanda! Thank you so much for reaching out. I've been following your blog for some time now, but I wasn't sure how to write you a personal message. Your blog is super inspiring and, as a matter of fact, you inspired my "grateful" messages at the bottom of my posts. I love that you're thankful each and every day. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, I'll be here in Miami!! :) Good luck in Orlando.