Friday, July 26, 2013

Fitness Fridays: #Fit In3

Hello Friends and TGIF!!!
Boy has this been an interesting week. Let me start off by saying that Wednesday's "Holy Sh*t" adventure prompted me to take a day off on Thursday. I had absolutely no energy to run on Thursday morning. I woke up today in a slight state of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), but nevertheless, I laced up my Newton sneakers and went for a run. Fifty minutes later I was back at home with a t-shirt and feeling stress free. It was a good way to start my day =D .
Today I did a combination of running and some HIIT exercises. I started off with a 6 mile run and incorporated some strides on the last mile (30 seconds on and 30 seconds off). After my run, I went home and set up a "HIIT Station" for my workout.
My HIIT Station included: a chair for step-ups and chair dips, dumbbells for the squats, a jump rope and a yoga mat for the push-ups and the plank holds.
HIIT Workout:
1. One minute weighted squats
2. One minute push-ups
3. One minute step-ups
4. One minute chair dips
5. Two minutes jump rope
6. One minute plank hold
*This was repeated 3 times with 30 seconds rest in between
I encourage you to #Fit In a HIIT workout a couple of times a week.
It will make you stronger and faster and more powerful at running. Give it a try.
I am grateful for the relaxing
run I had this morning.
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  1. Sounds like an awesome workout! I need to set up a HIIT station in my house :)

    1. Brittany it's super easy. You only need the basics like some dumbbells and a mat.