Monday, July 22, 2013

My Weekend Re-cap and Sex Exposure

Hello friends and Happy Monday! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend because I know I did. I didn't do anything out of the norm, but doing nothing has become my favorite thing to do since I've been pregnant. I have found pure contentment in staying at home watching old movies while hubby and I barbecue some good food. It's the little things like reading a good book or going to a nice restaurant that I have found true enjoyment in doing. Perhaps it's because I get really tired by the end of the day, but whatever it is, I had a great weekend with my hubs. 

Let's see, what did I do? Pregnant women tend to get a lot of brain farts so bear with me while I try to re-cap my weekend. I decided to sleep in on Saturday morning, so at about noon I got ready and headed over to Footworks in South Miami to visit my friend and Newton sneaker educator, Christina Botero. Christina was presenting the new Newton sneakers: Energy NR and MV 3. 

Christina and I at Footworks

The Energy NR (OMG super comfortable! They felt like socks and fit like a glove).

The MV 3 Racers (They are lightweight and extremely comfortable. They're definitely a 5K shoe).

Christina gave me these hot pink Newton socks. I <3 them!

After visiting Christina, I went home and decided to go for an easy 4 miler. The weather was absolutely dreadful. It was muggy and hot. There was no way I could run more than 4 miles, so I went home after my run and did a quick HIIT workout that consisted of:

5 sets of:
20 air squats 
30 second plank holds

After a few hours of relaxing at home, the hubs took me, my mother-in-law and his cousin Casandra to Seasons 52. I love love that place because they change the menu every season and their meals are under 500 calories. I ordered the Vegetarian Tasting entree, which included, triple grain quinoa, cedar toasted tofu with mango chutney, a soft tact and seasonal veggies. 

On Sunday morning I woke up at 6:30 am and went for the long run of the week. I sported this new tank top that I bought online at For Two Fitness.

Running for two ;)

14.5 miles later...
I felt pretty good after the run. I made sure to stay hydrated during the run by drinking water at every water fountain and I kept the baby cool by splashing cool water in my belly. 

After what seemed to be a marathon, hubby and I went to church and then we decided to go here:

OMG we were so lost in there! We had no clue what anything was. We looked at some strollers and had no idea how to use them. After 30 minutes, we left and went home to watch some tutorials on the items that we looked at. Such amateurs, I KNOW =(

AND.... An update on the sex exposure  gender reveal of our baby....Drum roll....

It's a...

BOY!! Hubs and I decided on the name MYLES ;)

So, how was your weekend?

I'm grateful for having the energy
to do the things that I love to do. 

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  1. yay!!! a boy!!!! Congratulations!! At least one thing you know now when you are looking at baby stuff is that you need things for a boy! I love the color on those Energy NR's! And those socks!!

    1. Knowing it's a boy will def make it easier to buy stuff lol! Thank you...

  2. Congrats on the boy! You and Kate should set up play dates! I love the name Myles! I've already decided that I am going to have twins, a girl and a boy, and name them Runner and Miles (respectively). Perfect, right? Of course, I'll need to marry a man who runs or he might not be on board.

    1. That's hilarious!! I'm naming my baby Myles because of running miles, so I totally get you! lol ;)

  3. 14 miles pregnant, you're amazing! Thats going to be one active little boy~!

  4. Congratulations on the boy and picking a name!

    I went to Buy Buy Baby a few weeks ago to register and found it super overwhelming and wrote about it on my blog too!
    Good luck when you go back again!

    1. Thank you Andrea! Isn't it overwhelming? I felt the same way. Good luck to you too!

  5. Hi Erika. Congrats to you and Milo on baby Myles. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I became a grandad two weeks ago to twin girls. They were born premies and weighed just over 2 1/2 lbs. They had a few "hiccup" periods but have made great strides. They are doing much better than expected so a big sigh of relief here. Sometimes it's a tough being in the medical profession because you just can't have amnesia at will. Be well Erika and take care of those two men. :-)

    1. Thank you Frank and congratulations. I hope that everything goes well. Like you said, because you're in the medical field it's difficult not to know what's happening.

  6. Congrats on the little boy! So exciting! I'm sure he's going o be a fast littlle man ;)

    1. Thank you Martina! Any races in NY this summer that you will be participating in?

    2. I am running the Team Championships in Central Park next Saturday-it's a 5 miles-race for all the running clubs in NYC. It's the most important race of the year for our running team and it's very competitive but I sincerly don't know how I'll do-it will be at 9:30am, in August!!! I think my only goal will be surviving ;) I also have the Staten Island half Marathon in October and the, finally, the Marathon!!!

    3. Wow, sounds like you'll be having lots of fun. Make sure to hydrate for the 5K that starts at 9:30 am- that's kind of late :/ . I wish you lots of luck in your other races. You'll do great! =)