Friday, August 23, 2013

Confessions of a Pregnant Runner

Hello friends and TGIF!
I decided to take a rest day today from running for three reasons: a) I ran 8 miles yesterday and I'm quite tired, b) I have a splitting headache and c) Because I feel like it.
Running while pregnant has been both an interesting and humbling experience. For anyone who has a Type A personality like myself will understand that people like us are very driven, competitive (against our own selves) and controlling. Being pregnant has forcibly shown me that we (Type A people) can still be driven, but we have to know our limits; we can still be competitive, but we have to know when to back down; and we have very limited control.
Being exposed to the experience of pregnancy has been truly a blessing in disguise. Sometimes I find myself sighing in relief because I finally have a "legitimate" excuse not to run. Not that I don't want to run, but competitive runners just don't know when to stop or take a break. We are all or nothing. Truth be told that life should not be lived as "all or nothing." Sometimes we have to operate in the gray areas and that's ok. Anyway, these are my confessions:
I hate wearing two sports bras. Ok, this might be TMI (too much info) but my bust has grown three cups sizes and I hate it. I never had an issue with "keeping them in place" and now I have no idea how to control those suckers. Not even two of my tightest sports bras will keep them in check. Ugh!
I catch my reflection in store windows and bus benches. I can't help but to look at myself when I run pass a mirror or window. I'm totally not checking myself out. I'm looking at my bump and the two suckers on my chest bouncing around.
I have a slightly bruised running ego. I take pride in training hard, running at certain paces and running certain distances. I can't stand when people pass me or train for longer hours than me. I thought this ego would vanish when I got pregnant, but it totally disguised itself as something else. In my own way, I try to make myself feel better by passing really really slow people and I'll usually run very fast at the end of a run so that the pace in my watch can change. Silly me!
I'm a hypocrite. If any other woman would tell me that they run 5-6 times a week and average about 40-45 miles, I'd tell them they're fierce and crazy. I should listen to my intuition a little more.
I hate that I can't control my desire to use the bathroom. I've never really had an issue with using the bathroom mid-run, but now it seems like it's a normal part of my run. I cannot control my desire nor can I hold it in. When I have to go, I have to go!
I couldn't stand seeing women wear "Running for Two" shirts. Now look at me: I own one myself!
I thought pregnant women looked silly in compression socks. I never understood why they would wear those socks, after all, they are only running a few miles. Well, that's because our feet get super swollen!
I hate that I breathe so hard. It sounds like I'm about to have a heart attack when I run. My breathing is hard and so is the sound of my stride. I'm not a silent runner anymore.
Despite all my current running "hates," I'm having an amazing experience with all of this!
Did you run while pregnant? Share your stories with me!
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for the random people I meet at my nail salon. Today I was schooled on how to remain relaxed while being in labor. Hmmm...
Quote: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." -Milton Berle
Positive Affirmation: The gateways to wisdom and learning are always open.

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  1. Erika, I have been crazy busy and then took a two week vacation and I'm catching up on some of your posts. This one is way too funny. I love your honesty. Quit sounding like I'm such a hypocrite myself at times. You look great lady. Be well and take care of the three of you. :-)

  2. Hey Frank! How was vacation? Thank you by the way. I feel great, thank God!