Friday, August 9, 2013

Fitness Fridays #Fit In4

Hello friends and TGIF!!!
After reluctantly taking a rest day yesterday from running and exercising, I got up this morning and eagerly put on my Newton sneakers and running clothes. I dashed out the door and ran 10 easy miles. I felt fantastic during the run. It was warm and humid, but it began drizzling half-way during the run, so the rain refreshed my warm body and belly.
Today's topic of conversation is not about fitting in exercising or running into your daily schedule, but rather, it's about fitting in time for yourself. You may be thinking, "Well, isn't running and exercising ME time?" Well, yes and no. The ME time I am referring to is the time you do NOTHING. This may sound silly because you're probably thinking, "I always make me time. I get manicures. I go shopping. I have a man cave and play video games. I cook." That's not the me time I'm talking about. Do you ever just relax? Can you actually sit in your couch for 30 minutes without using your cell phone, laptop, IPad or XBOX? Can you actually sit there and not get up to do anything (bathroom is permissible!)?
I'm sure you have found yourself thinking:
"I wish I had more time for myself."
"I need more hours in the day."
"I don't have time for that."
Most of us live very busy and hectic lives. We find ourselves having time for everything is except ourselves. We all know that when we take time for ourselves and pursue our passions, we are happier people. We obviously cannot add more time during the day, but we can evaluate what's important versus what's not. Better said, we can learn to prioritize the important things in our lives. When we take time to prioritize and refocus our energy, we come back stronger and more resilient. So, "how can I make more time for myself?" you may ask...
#Fit In Time for Yourself: 7 Ways to Put Yourself First
1. Make up your mind to put yourself first. Don't feel guilty for thinking of yourself and wanting to do ME things. It's not selfish to pursue passions and do the things you want to do.
2. Think about how to best make me time. Everyone is different, so make a list of things that are relaxing and that will make you feel rejuvenated.
3. Think about the things that are wasting consuming your time. Organize your responsibilities rather than spending countless minutes and hours checking emails, answering phone calls, updating social media, etc.
4. Learn to say "no." If saying yes to everyone is adding more work and time into your life, then evaluate those requests and learn to say no. That doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you don't have time for that.
5. Ask for help. I know you're Wonder Woman and Super Man, but asking for help doesn't make you useless, vulnerable or less of a person. Asking for help just means your delegating your work ;) .
6. Commit to X amount of time for yourself each day. Do something that completely lets go of every responsibility you have. Release your mind from all burdens. Make this non-negotiable.
7. Create a daily ritual. This could be reading a book, meditating, or listening to music. Make me time a habit.
Enjoy yourself!!
What do you do as "me time?"
Transforming Your Morning Challenge:

Gratitude Journal: I am grateful for the amazing Netflix series. I am thoroughly enjoying Orange is the New Black. 
Quote: “Make a game of finding something positive in every situation. Ninety-five percent of your emotions are determined by how you interpret events to yourself.” - Brian Tracy
Positive Affirmation: Loving others is easy, when I love and accept myself.

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