Friday, September 13, 2013

Fitness Fridays: The Truth About Cheating on Weekends

Today's Workout:
5 mile run
Hello Friends and Happy Freaky Friday!!!
Did you know...?
According to the Daily Mail, weekends prove fatal to dieters who think it's okay to binge eat during the weekend. On average, people tend to consume about 10,000 calories in two days with little or no exercise either. Here are the stats:
-83% of dieters succumb to weekend blowouts
-Alcohol, dining out and snacking in front of the TV all contribute to the calories adding up
-73% of people say they abandon their diet routine during the weekend
-7 in 10 people say they have fattening takeaways during the weekend
-Many people follow a 5:2 diet where they think it's ok to binge during the weekend while eating healthy during the week
Ok, I don't know about you, but that's ridiculous. I know weekends are meant for fun and going out, but really, there needs to be a sense of portion control during the weekend. Contrary to what people may think, binge eating on the weekend will not help you lose weight. Even if you're a saint during the week, what you're really accomplishing is a balancing act. You're neither losing nor gaining weight. I'm not saying you can't have a decadent piece of cake when you go out to dinner with your family, or to say no to the delicious biscuit your grandmother made from scratch, but what I am saying is that eating 3 heavy meals a day is not so healthy. By heavy I mean a meal that's about 1,500 total calories (think Whopper at BK with fries).

If you tend to fall in this category and you think it's ok, my only humble suggestion would be to at least workout during those two days. Many people tend to "take off" from working out during the weekend, but a quick workout can do wonders. My philosophy is "It's better to do something than nothing at all." So with that being said, I will offer you a few easy and quick HIIT workouts that take about 20 minutes each. I promise that you will enjoy them! ;)
20 squats
20 jumping jacks
30 butt kicks
20 mountain climbers
30 bicycle crunches
plank to failure
*Repeat 3 times
100 squats
90 sit-ups
10 burpees
80 bicycles (abs)
10 burpees
70 push-ups
10 burpees
10 burpees
10 burpees
10 burpees
10 burpees
10 burpees
*Repeat 2 times
20 squats
15 lunges each leg
10 high knees
10 push-ups
*5 rounds
15 jump squats
12 alternating jump lunges each leg
10 burpees
10 push-ups
*5 rounds
10 jump squats front and back
10 static lunges each leg
10 alternating front kicks each leg
10 push-ups
1 minute wall sit
*5 rounds
Give it a try. What do you have to lose?
Which of these HIIT workouts did you like best?

I'm grateful that I passed my Florida Real
Estate Exam today. 
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  1. Holy cow. I was feeling guilty because I've eaten 2000 calories today and it's not even dinnertime...but I also ran 22 miles, and I sure won't top 10,000 for the weekend, so I feel better now. :) I love these HIIT workouts that you post!

  2. When you run such a high mileage I wouldn't be too concerned with eating a lot that day. Just keep in mind that you should be more concerned about quality calories versus empty calories. A 22 mile run burns at least 2100 calories, so my guesstimate is that you should consume at least 4000 calories that day. Food for thought ;)

  3. CONGRATS on passing your exam! That's awesome!!
    I needed the reminder from this post-- thank you! I've been over indulging on my weekends lately, and I know better. :( Thanks for the kick in the pants that I needed!!!

    1. It's ok to splurge every now and then- we're not perfect and we get cravings! But I think it's unhealthy when it's done every weekend =/