Thursday, September 5, 2013

Healthy Skin by Emily Stone

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Hello everyone!! Today I would like to introduce you to Emily Stone. Emily is a stay at home mom, proud wife, fitness freak, health food addict and an animal lover. She was kind enough to write a guest post today about the negative side effects caused by the sun and some of her secret skin treatments to help skin look young and healthy. Here's what she had to say:

Healthy Skin

Summer is my season. I soak up as much sun as I can. There's nothing quite like watching my skin turn tan after a day at the beach. Unfortunately, my fondness for the sun's rays has started to take a toll on my skin.
Last fall I noticed crow’s feet and other little wrinkles peeking through on my forehead and near my mouth. It looked like my years in the sun finally caught up with me and knew I had to make a change. This summer I made it a priority to limit my time in the sun. Hats, sunglasses, and most importantly, sunblock became my new best friends.

Of course there is more that goes into my skin-care process. It involves diet, protection and Derm Exclusive, which I call my secret weapon.

Here's how it works:
Diet: It's natural!

Changing my diet was the hardest part of my plan because I like to eat something salty while I'm at the beach. Pretzels, potato chips and even sunflower seeds were a staple of my diet last summer. Obviously all that sodium caused some serious bloating problems for my face. Not to mention small that most likely came from the grease.
So this year I'm not eating pretzels and potato chips. Instead, I eat a lot of blueberries, almonds, avocados and tomatoes. According the research I did, all of these foods are really good for your skin.

Blueberries are full of antioxidants, which help my body get rid of toxins that can cause pimples. Almonds have a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E, all of which keep my skin looking firm and healthy. Avocados and tomatoes, too, are full of vitamins and nutrients that are good for skin. I found some great information on WebMD; they break down which vitamins are best for common skin issues.
My skin looks healthier. But all the credit can't go to the foods I eat. I also drink less beer (not that I drank a lot, anyway) and a whole lot more water. I also focus on protecting my skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Protection: It's all about looking great.
They say the sunscreen industry is worth more than a billion dollars a year. That's a lot of money, but I can tell you that before this year, I never used more than SPF 15 on my face.

I wanted to get that deep, dark tan, so I used tanning lotions over sunscreens or blocks.
Not any more, now I use an SPF 30 that's all natural. It's not greasy at all and it still allows my skin to develop a nice little tan. There are plenty of options, so my advice is to try samples, if possible, and see what will work best for your skin.

Sunscreen isn't my first line of defense against the sun's rays. My primary source of protection is a big, fun floppy hat and a stylish pair of shades. Actually, I went out and bought several pairs of shades, which is just another reason I love my summer skin-care strategy. Not only do my hat and shades look great, they keep me from squinting, which causes those crow’s feet.
Diet and protection have worked really well for me, but also have to give credit to my secret weapon: Derm Exclusive Anti-Aging.

Earlier this year I ordered some Derm Exclusive after finding it online. There's a whole line of products, and each one is designed to help your skin look younger. There's the Firm & Freeze wrinkle treatment, the resurfacing pads, the Intensive Repair Serum and the Collagen Lift.
I use them every day, and they work. In fact, I noticed a difference after the first day!

It's amazing what a simple change in my diet, combined with a little protection and my secret weapon has done to make me look younger this summer!

Emily does not have a blog right now, but you can email her at or you can find her on Twitter @FitMommaEm.


Thirty days ago, I posed a challenge called the "Transforming Your Morning Challenge." I encouraged you to do one of the four things listed below upon waking up each morning:

1. Write something down that you are grateful for. You could write this down in a journal or diary.

2. Read something inspiring, such as a quote or daily devotional.

3. Have a mantra/positive affirmation for the day.

4. Meditate or pray.

For the last 30 days I have written something that I am grateful for each day, I have also included a positive quote and a positive affirmation to help you out. They say it only takes 21 days to create a habit, so I encourage you all to continue doing this on a daily basis. You will find that the positive words and thoughts will reverberate in your mind and the days that appear to be going crazy will actually not seem so bad. So go ahead, give it a shot =).
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