Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend: Workout on the Run

Howdy friends! I'm guessing that most of you are either on vacation or just relaxing this holiday weekend. But just because you're chillaxing and enjoying a bunch few alcoholic beverages doesn't mean you can't squeeze in a workout or two this weekend. And I'm not talking about drinking as a workout!

Let me show you what I did today as a quick High Intensity Interval Training work out.

Jump rope:
300 times
250 times
200 times
150 times
100 times
50 times
With 30-90 seconds of rest in between each set depending on your fitness level.
This workout should take about 20 minutes. You could do a quick warm up to start, such as a 1/4 mile run like I did and you can end with a cool down, such as stretching. It's easy and quick!

If this preggo can do it, so can you!!
Gratitude Journal: I am grateful to have spent Saturday with my sister <3.
Quote: "There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so." -Hamlet
Positive Affirmation: Every thought I think is creating my future. 

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