Monday, September 9, 2013

Painting Party and Some Running

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I don't know about you, but my weekend flew by. No matter how long my weekends are I always feel like I could have a few more days off. I am truly blessed that I am able to work and run, but I am just getting tired more and more each day.

Anyway, forgive my MIA-ness (Missing In Action) this weekend, but I was too busy playing interior designer at my house. I woke up on Saturday morning at around 6 am and decided to go for a 10 mile run; BIG MISTAKE. Don't get me wrong, I felt amazing during the run. The weather was pretty humid, but breezy- it was awesome!

What I failed to acknowledge was the fact that I had told my family to come over my house so they could help me paint. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate painting? I can't stand it. But of course, this is all for Baby Myles right? Right!

My family came over at around 9 am and immediately starting working. We were determined to paint the house by the end of the day.

That's my mom painting the living room. She's definitely the hustler.

That's my mother-in-law Terry. She placed all the paper on the floor to avoid paint spills.

That's hubby painting our room. Not looking too excited huh? He loves to paint as much as I do =)

That's my dad painting my bedroom. He's more of the "detail-oriented" worker.

That's my sister Angie cleaning all the blinds of the house. Ugh =/
So you're probably wondering what I did? Well, thankfully my family forbad me from picking up a paint brush, so I was the designated errand runner. I picked up Subway for lunch and Flanigan's Seafood for dinner. I also served them cold beverages and coffee when they were getting tired. I have the best fam don't I? =D
Ok, so it wasn't much of a painting party. There wasn't any crazy music playing or liquor going around, but I did have a great time with them. We finished painting at around 8 pm- I was exhausted! I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9!
Sunday also turned out to be a rather interesting day. Milo and I went to our first birthing class. Ever heard of Birthing From Within? It was very different to say the least. We learned about "enjoying" pain and learning to accept pain as part of the amazing journey of child birth. They view child birth as a rite of passage. It's a holistic approach that encourages a drug-free and natural labor. What have we gotten ourselves into? I can't wait to see what our instructor has in store for us! =)
Well folks, that was my not-so-much-partying weekend. How was yours?
I am grateful for the help my
family gave me this weekend.
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