Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 15 Best Fall Marathons

Howdy friends and Happy Hump Day!
For many people the summer months were spent lounging on the beach, barbecuing with friends and going on vacations, but for runners, that was training prime time. In my opinion, the best marathons are held during the Fall season. Besides the fact that it's my favorite time of year, this season offers the best weather and the most scenic marathons (Click here to learn more on what the Fall season offers runners).
As a competitive marathoner, I have had the chance to run at some really cool Fall marathons, which included the Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon and the Las Vegas Marathon (This is what I have to say about that). All three races were very unique and different, but they were all alike in that they were held during an ideal time of year.

According to the Daily Mile, these are the 15 best fall marathons: 
Location: Dayton, OH
Date: September 21, 2013
Location: Jackson Hole, WY
Date: September 22, 2013
Location: Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
Date: October 6, 2013
Location: Portland, OR
Date: October 6, 2013
Location: Corning, NY
Date: October 6, 2013
Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: October 12, 2013
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: October 13, 2013
Location: Scranton, PA
Date: October 13, 2013
Location: Lowell, MA
Date: October 20, 2013
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: October 20, 2013
Location: Washington D.C.
Date: October 27, 2013
Location: New York, NY
Date: November 3, 2013
Location: Avalon, CA
Date: November 9, 2013
Location: Richmond, VA
Date: November 16, 2013
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: November 17, 2013
So no matter where you live, there's a marathon near you! I always encourage people to "go big" when they choose a race. These marathons are beyond indescribable. They are fun, glamorous and quite epic. Some of these races may be sold out, but there's always next year. Plan a few months ahead and you too will get the chance to say "been there, done that."
What has been your favorite Fall marathon?
I am grateful for the mechanic
that didn't charge me a penny
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Samaritans still exist!

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  1. i've done the airforce two years since my family is from there, its definitely a great event. I would have to say that the ING Hartford Marathon should be on there- such gorgeous scenery , temps and event as a whole. They are actually recognized as the greenest marathon by taking extra precautions to not have access trash produced.

    1. Hi Lisa. I have never done either one of those races, but like you said, I heard that the Hartford Marathon is gorgeous. Is it a hilly course?