Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Tipster: 10 Exercises to Avoid When Pregnant

Hello friends! Today's tip is catered to my fellow pregnant women who are still actively working out and for the preggo's who are scared to exercise for fear of harming their baby. Doctor's recommend that pregnant women engage in "moderate" intensity exercises for 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. The word "moderate" is relative to the woman's fitness level, so I suggest doing the "talk test" to gauge what moderate means to you. If you cannot talk while you're exercising, then chances are you are over-exerting yourself.

While doctors suggest to do moderate exercises, they also recommend NOT doing certain ones. These include:

1. Heavy weight lifting. This can put too much stress on your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system.

2. Certain positions in yoga. They advise that if you must hold your breath for long periods of time, then you're clearly over-exerting yourself.

3. Exercises lying on your back after the first trimester. This can affect the blood flow to the baby and may compress the vena cava.

4. Exercises lying on your stomach. This is clearly uncomfortable.
5. Some abdominal exercises. This may feel uncomfortable to do because of abdominal weakness and in some cases because of abdominal separation. This condition is known as diastasis recti.

6. Contact sports and high impact sports, such as ice hockey, soccer and basketball because of the risk of injury to your belly.

7. Scuba diving. The pressure can cause birth defects.

8. Activities that increase the risk of falling, such as gymnastics, horseback riding and skiing.

9. Activities that require changes to the center of gravity. This includes racquet ball and tennis. Pregnant women tend to lose their balance when pregnant, so be aware that certain exercises may make you fall.

10. Activities at a high altitude. This may reduce the oxygen supply to your baby.

So what activities and exercises can you do?
  • Walk
  • Water sports, such as swimming, water aerobics and water walking.
  • Stationary cycling
  • Light weight lifting
  • Run (if you were doing it before you got pregnant)
You can even do CrossFit while you're pregnant. Click here for the do's and dont's of cross fitting while pregnant (*you can still squat, lunge, lift, jump and run, but with care and caution!).

Whatever exercise program you decide to do, just talk it over with your doctor to make sure you are not at high risk and healthy enough to do them.

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