Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From whiny to gleeful on Wednesday

Hello friends and happy hump day!
I really try not to complain too much, but today was one of those days where I had an internal struggle with myself. I have truly enjoyed being pregnant, but now I'm just uncomfortable! It's getting harder to breathe, I could hardly tie my shoes and everything I do just seems to take a lot of my energy. So, as I was getting ready for my workout today, which by the way I did 1 hour on the elliptical machine, I couldn't help but to notice:
a) How big and swollen my ankles are getting. Will I ever see the bone in my ankle?

b) I can't see my shoes. Will I ever see my feet?

c) I'm wearing my husband's t-shirt. Will I ever run in a sports bra again?

d) Will I ever be agile again?

Yes, I was officially whining today until I returned to work. As you all may know, since I am a police officer and I'm unable to work on the road, I was assigned to work in the Records Division during my pregnancy. When I got back to work, my supervisor requested that I meet her at the lunch room, so off I went. This is what I found in the lunch room:
 My very own baby shower!
They ordered pizza. This was my first cheat food while pregnant. It was delish.
Watermelon cake. Pure awesomeness.
A very special gift =)
A little somethin' for Baby Myles.
I felt so special. I stopped whining at that point and realized how blessed I am.
I'm grateful for the friends
I have. Everyone that surrounds me
has blessed and fulfilled my life.

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  1. how sweet! I am sure it must be tough for you to be off the road!! Love how you are always optimistic and positive! very inspiring

    1. It is tough but I am very lucky! Thanks :)