Monday, October 7, 2013

Grocery Shopping with the Pregnant Lady

Hello friends and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I had a fantabulous and busy weekend. It just seems that the closer I get to giving birth, the more tired I feel so all of my errands seem to take up all of my day (because I'm moving so slow!). Anyway, my weekend was spent shopping for my baby shower, which will be taking place this Saturday, and celebrating a friend's birthday and going to my birthing class with hubby. Fun fun fun!!!

Well, as you all know, I used to plan my meals ahead of time for the week, but for some reason, I haven't been able to do that any more. See what happens is that pregnant women get bizarre cravings every day, so today I might want a salad, but tomorrow I might want lettuce wraps. What's appealing one day may be disgusting the next. With that being said, I've been grocery shopping every week according to the cravings I get. Thankfully, I haven't had any crazy and super unhealthy cravings to eat junk food, so that's a plus, but I have found myself eating things that I would have never eaten before, such as granola cereal, pita bread, excess amounts of olives, hummus with pickles, blah blah blah.

Here's what baby Myles was asking for this week:

Butter leaves for turkey lettuce wraps and sweet potatoes for lunch. I picked up a bag of kale because it's loaded with vitamin K that the baby needs. Most babies are born vitamin K deficient!

Dried figs (I eat those as a dessert) and ripe plantains. I love baking the plantains. It feels like a sinful treat, but it's actually good for you. I picked up some bananas for my leg cramps. My legs have been cramping in the middle of the night (very common for pregnant women), which probably means I need a little more potassium in my body.

Since I don't eat dairy, but I'm craving milk and cheese, I picked up "Go Veggie" shredded cheese for my faux pasta noodles and sharp cheddar tasting faux cheese. I eat the cheese with olives! I also grabbed a "Silk" Pure Coconut milk. It tastes like a coconut daiquiri. YUM!!

Whole wheat pita bread for my ground turkey. I use the pita bread as a substitute for tacos. I also grabbed some organic granola cereal. I sprinkle the granola on my oatmeal for breakfast.

Spanish olives, almonds and some more granola cereal.
"Weirdest cravings so far:
Dill pickles smothered in hummus
Hard-boiled eggs with hummus
Chocolate protein shake inside of my oatmeal
Must have a handful of olives everyday
Vegetarian turned carnivore- Loving ground organic meat and organic chicken
Can't stay away from summer veggie rolls
Can't have enough of oatmeal for breakfast
Loving my dried figs with a cup of coconut milk
Organic dark-chocolate has never tasted so scrumptious
Perrier's bubbles are suddenly heaven in my mouth
What did you crave when you pregnant? And if you're not pregnant, what do you crave on a daily?
I'm grateful for my handy husband. He's
done a superb job of fixing the bathroom.
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  1. I had two daughters and with both I CRAVED watermelon and HATED the smell of meat. Our Target is right next to Famous Daves (BBQ joint) and just walking into Target would make me nauseous.

  2. I craved fresh fruits in the beginning, but now not so much =/. And I'm loving meat!