Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Tipster: Tips to get you running

Hello friends! After a rough night's sleep and dreaming that I gave birth to a lizard (yuck!), I swore I wouldn't workout today during lunch, but somehow I convinced myself to go. Here's what I did as a workout today:
45 minutes on the elliptical
Weight Lifting:
Squat and press 2x15
Plie squats 2x15
Neutral grip presses 2x15
Lunges with lateral raise 2x15
Lateral lunges 2x15
Front raises 2x15
It seems that as my delivery day gets closer I am losing motivation to workout. I know it's for obvious reasons (i.e., discomfort, fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, etc), but I've always managed to motivate myself to exercise when I've felt like giving up. It can take a lot of energy to get up and move, but I believe that with the right mindset anyone can motivate themselves to exercise/run. If you've ever felt like me, then you know what I'm talking about.
Some of you may be feeling tired from training or just jaded from doing nothing, so I want to offer you some tips to get over that hump. I truly believe that the most difficult part of training is the "getting started" stage. Once you get over that stage, then it's cruise control from there.
Follow the tip(s) that best suits you!
1. Create a blog. It's a great way to keep track of your progress and a way to make yourself accountable for running.
2. Put a picture of yourself with a running medal on the frig. It's a reminder of what you're capable of doing.

3. Find inspiration from others. If he can do it, so can you!

Blind marathoner
4. Leave your watch at home. Pacing yourself can add stress to your run, so ditch the watch and liberate yourself.
5. Sign up for a race. This will get you in the mindset of accomplishing a goal.
6. Download a good playlist of music. Music can be a great motivator when you're feeling sluggish. Marilyn Manson anyone?

7. You'll look good naked. Just think that every mile burns up to 100 calories. Not too shabby huh?

8. Set a long term goal. Can you say Boston Marathon?

Boston Marathon 2013
9. Change scenery. Run during lunch or change up your route.
10. Run with a group of people. This can make a dull run into a social hour.

With my friend Omarto and triathlete Manny Huerta (on the right)

11. Run a relay with friends. I can't emphasize how much fun you'll have in a relay.
Keys 100
12. Pamper yourself. Get a massage or pedi.

13. Exercise improves sexual performance. Enough said!
14. Try an ultra-marathon. Are you bored of marathoning? Try something harder.
15. Mentor someone. Inspire others to run.
16. Run for a cause. Run a race for charity.

Miami Children's Hospital 5K
17. Log it in. Keep a track of your running workouts. It helps you keep track of your progress and it will hold you accountable for running. I keep mine at Athleticore.
18. Find a date during a run. I met my husband on the Key Biscayne bridge while he was training for the 70.3 Ironman and I was training for the Chicago Marathon.

19. Don't take it so seriously. If you find yourself getting stressed out because you "have to" complete a run, just chill out. Sign up for a goofy race or go out for a fun run.
20. Just do it. If you over-think it, you'll never do it. Just go out there and do it.
How do you motivate yourself to run?
I am grateful for the efficiency
of a BBQ. Took me 10 minutes to
cook my lunch for today.

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