Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wellness Wednesday: Natural Caffeine Alternatives

Hello y'all and happy hump day! How has the work week been treating ya? I'm feeling pretty tired today so I decided to do 45 minutes on the elliptical during my lunch break. It's been getting more and more difficult to exercise, but somehow I have managed to drag my butt to the gym. Besides, it does give me more energy after I'm done.

Today's wellness talk is about how to get more caffeine into your body without drinking a pitcher of coffee. While coffee may have its benefits, it's definitely not healthy to drink loads of it.

The following natural remedies provide a good amount of caffeine so you don't have to pick up another cup of coffee.

But not too much of it =)

Ashwagandha- The word literally means "the smell of a horse," which indicates that it gives you the strength and vigor of a horse. The ingredients in the herb provide stamina and energy when you need a little pick me up.

Cha de Bugre- It's a tree that produces a red fruit that looks like a coffee bean. The fruit is roasted and brewed into a tea as a substitute for coffee. It's name in Brazil is "cafe do mato" or "coffee of the woods."

Ginkgo Biloba- This is a natural supplement that has been known to improve blood flow to the brain and boost memory and cognitive speed. Increased blood flow in the body typically provides more energy and stamina.

Ginseng- This herb has been found to improve concentration, mental performance, mood and endurance.

Green Tea- This contains about 2%-4% caffeine, which increases thinking and alertness.

Maca- Is a plant that grows in Peru and has been used for anemia, chronic fatigue, enhancing energy, stamina, athletic performance, memory and fertility.

Yerba Mate- This herb offers a caffeine buzz without the jitters. It has been found to keep you energized and alert minus any negative side effects.

Apples- The sugar in apples will give you a natural energy boost.

Chai- Is rich in spices and has a lower caffeine content than coffee- the ratio is about 5:1.

Chocolate- Yes, you read correctly! One ounce of chocolate has 12 mg of caffeine.

How do you get your caffeine fix?
I am grateful for caffeine. It
keeps me awake, alert and focused!
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