Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stability Ball Exercises During Pregnancy

Hello everyone!! I'm sure you're all familiar with a stability ball or a gym ball:

This is a great tool to use to strengthen your core however, it could also be used to strengthen your arm and legs muscles. The stability ball requires a lot of coordination and balance, which is what helps you strengthen your muscles.
I became (especially) familiar with this ball when I was told that I shouldn't lie on my back after four months of pregnancy. Pregnant women have a vein on their backs that may compress when they lie on it. The compression may shorten the blood flow to the placenta, which may affect the baby. As a result of this, we are told to use a stability ball to do core workouts.
Having a strong core during pregnancy may help you push during childbirth, maintain a good posture and alleviate backaches.
Here are some exercises you can do with this amazing ball:
Wall squat (thighs and buttocks)

1. Place your exercise ball between the wall and the small of your back. Make sure you can just see the tips of your toes when you look down.

2. Slowly sit down into a squat. As you squat, remember that you should be able to wiggle your toes because all your weight should be in your heels.

3. Slowly stand up again. (Repeat eight to 10 times.)

Shoulder Blade Squeeze (upper back and shoulders)

1. Sit on your exercise ball and lean forward so that your forearms rest on your legs.

2. As you sit up, bring your hands in front of you to chest level and turn your fists (or hand weights) to the side.

3. Slowly extend the arms out to the sides, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

4. Bring your fists (or hand weights) back in front of you at chest level.

5. As you lean forward again, turn your fists (or hand weights) and rest your forearms on your thighs.
(Repeat eight to 10 times.)

Pregnant Push-Up (chest)

1. Stand in front of a wall and hold your exercise ball out arms’ length away from you at chest level. Press the ball against the wall.

2. Keeping your body straight and your feet planted firmly on the ground, slowly bend your elbows and press your chest into the ball.

3. Slowly press away from the ball by straightening your elbows. (Repeat eight to 10 times.)

You can also try this...

1. Sit on the ball and rock your pelvis from side to side and front to back.

2. Sit on the ball and rotate your hips clockwise and counter clockwise.

3. Lean over your ball from a kneeling position, then rock your hips forward and back.

So, whether your pregnant or not, there are many exercises that one can do to strengthen one's core, arms, chest, buttocks and leg muscles. Go ahead, have a ball!
Have you ever used a stability ball?
I'm grateful that I am
feeling better from a cold.
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  1. Nice exercises! I'm a prenatal/postnatal personal trainer and I LOVE using the stability ball with my clients. Good luck with your birth, I'm looking forward to reading the good news...soon!

  2. I believe I'll use these exercises even if I'm not pregnant ;) They seem great!

    1. Martina, they are great for everyone!! There are a bunch of exercises you could do on that thing =)

  3. Love stability balls! That's great that you can still use it while pregnant :)

    1. It's a great tool! I could even use it when laboring. =)