Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wellness Wednesday: 10 foods that soothe stress

Hello friends! I came across a really interesting article in about super foods that soothe stress. I immediately opened it because I was expecting yucky foods to be on that list. To my surprise, the listed foods were actually quite tasty and totally bearable to eat.

Some people don't eat at all when they're stressed, but others ravage through the refrigerator like raccoons (I'm guilty of this!). Either way, both situations are bad. It's not healthy not to eat because you need nutrients to combat stress and it's not healthy to over-eat because you may actually make yourself sick.

You see, the body is a very interesting masterpiece. When we are stressed, we crave inflammatory foods (a.k.a junk food). Junk food sends a signal to our brain which causes pleasure in our body. This in turn, suppresses our stress for a short while. That's why we call junk food "comfort food." We tend to eat based on our emotions, which leads to self-sabotage. I'm not saying you can't splurge every now and then, but it's imperative to distinguish when you're eating bad foods because of a negative emotion, such as stress.

Take a look at this list of healthy foods that may help fight off stress:

1. Dark chocolate. This contains magnesium and bromine, which eases emotional tension and elevates one's mood. Who would of thought!

2. Almonds. Almonds are filled with B12 and vitamin E, which boosts the immune system during stressful situations.

3. Spinach. This is high in magnesium, which regulates cortisol levels (cortisol regulates your weight). Popeye didn't eat this for no reason!

4. Turkey. Turkey contains tryptophan, which releases serotonin. This promotes calmness and even sleepiness. Gobble gooble!

5. Oatmeal. Oatmeal also releases serotonin in your brain, which promotes peace of mind. Make sure to choose the steel cut oats or the old-fashioned kind- they are way healthier than instant oatmeal.

6. Sweet potatoes. These suckers are loaded with fiber, antioxidants and beta-carotene. This enhances your immune system and helps with inflammation in the body.

7. Yogurt. This is rich in calcium and probiotics, which may help with digestion. Make sure to grab the organic kind!

8. Asparagus. This long, green and smelly veggie is filled with folic acid, which helps fight depression and stress. Just ignore the smell when you go to the bathroom!

9. Avocado. Avocados contain potassium and vitamin B, which helps with energy levels and may lower blood pressure.

10. Blueberries. These little fruits contain antioxidants and calcium, which protect your cells from damage.

Not too shabby huh?

What's your comfort food?
I'm grateful for all the healthy
comfort foods that are available to us. 
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