Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exercise Prevails Again

Hello my friends and happy hump day!
I have by no means forgotten about y'all. I wanted to drop by and give you an update on my pregnancy. So, my official due date was yesterday, but at this rate, I think I'll be giving birth in a month. Ok, ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic, but this belly is getting huge and heavy. If baby Myles comes out anything like his father when he was a baby, he'll be surely weighing over 10 pounds (ugh!). Anyway, I've opted not to induce labor artificially (unless I pass the 42 week mark) so, that leaves me with only one option: inducing labor naturally!
I don't even know if there's any truth to those natural remedies, but I have already tried a few and nothing, nada, zilch, zero!! Let's see, I've tried walking (which I'm still doing during my lunch breaks), cinnamon tea and some "contact sports."
According to some doctors, exercise may help induce labor as well. They recommend doing the following exercises to ripen the cervix (yummy!) and tone the uterus:
1. Lunge and push up against a wall. This stretches the muscles that connect to the cervical tissue (might help with effacement and dilation). 
2. Vertical lunge. This stretches the lower back and the tail bone.
3. Climb stairs. This encourages the baby's head to drop lower in the birth canal (aka "station").
4. Squats. Theoretically, the muscles you use during labor are the same muscles you use when squatting.
I don't know if these moves will work, but they're worth a shot right? Let's put these exercises to test!!
I'm grateful for non-swollen
hands and feet.

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  1. WOW! Hahaha, praying for a healthy delivery, sure to come along soon. I can kind of see why those squats would help, haha.
    I heard fluorescent lights do the opposite... or is that just when you're already in labor and dilating? So try to avoid fluorescent lights... though that's impossible once you enter a hospital o__O

    1. Hey there!! Never heard about the fluorescent light thing. That's pretty funny =)

  2. New follower here!!! And I have to say I love your story!! What an inspiration! And best of luck to you on delivery! I have 2 babies and they were both c-sections. My first was born 9 weeks early at 31 weeks and only weighed 3lbs, very scary time, and my second baby was a scheduled c-section. I can't wait to see your little tot!!!

    1. Hello Kelly Jo and thank you for following my blog! I gave birth on Friday so I have a lot to tell. Stay tuned for my birth story... =)