Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mondetta Performance Gear $500 Giveaway!

Hello friends!

So now that the holidays are over, I'm sure it would be nice to win some mula ($$$) for fitness apparel. Well, today is your lucky day!! Mondetta Performance Gear is having a year-end review survey contest to award one lucky winner a $500 shopping spree on 

To enter into the contest is ridiculously easy! All you have to do is click on this link -> and answer one question: Did you reach your fitness goals this year? All you have to do is click "Yes" or "No." It doesn't matter what the answer is. 

I'm a huge fan of their clothing (for their clothing review click here) because it's a) very good quality, b) it fits your body nicely, c) the material is conducive to sweating, and d) it's fashionable for any kind of athlete. 

So go ahead and take the survey. Good luck!!!

Have you ever worn MPG clothing? What's your favorite fitness apparel?

I am grateful for girdles. 
They are helping me get back into shape!
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  1. I love a good, soft, and semi-fitted t-shirt that doesn't show how sweaty I can get after a brutal workout!

    1. Hi Lex! I totally second that motion! :)