Thursday, January 9, 2014

Before you run, you must learn to walk

Howdy friends!

Have you ever heard the expression "We must learn to walk before we run?" 

For me, this expression has taken on a whole new meaning. The idiom simply implies that one must master a basic skill before jumping into a more complicated one. I never found this to be so true until I became a mother. Let me explain why...

It's been three and a half weeks since I welcomed the most precious gift that God has given me- my baby Myles. I have felt blessed, inspired, happy and challenged. Yes, challenged! I have felt this way for a couple reasons.

First, motherhood has not been an easy feat. There are so many things involved in the transition of being married-without-children to being married with a child. Although rewarding, there has been a huge learning curve for the hubs and I. We've had to learn the whole gamut of taking care of a baby. From breast feeding to diaper changing to swaddling to bathing to burping and the list continues. Thank God for Google- they have answered all of our questions! And thank God for being able to talk into my phone to write a text message and to write my blog posts. They never cautioned us on the complexity of being a parent, but somehow and in someway, we have somewhat figured it out. 

Secondly, I have been forbidden (I'm using this term rather loosely) to run for six weeks. I nearly lost my head when my midwife told me this. How can she take away my sanity? I really believe that this transition has been a testament of my patience. I have replaced tempo runs with leisure walks and running sneakers with walking ones. But that's okay because I am allowing my body to recover before I begin training again. As I wait patiently for the day I can begin training again, I thank God that at least I feel well and I am smoothly recovering. Until then, I will learn to walk before I run...

Myles and I taking a stroll down Coconut Grove

Have you ever had a moment in your life that required a lot of patience from your part?

I am grateful for the women that
surround me in my life.

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  1. Look at his tiny little face! You'll be back to running before you know it. Those first 6 weeks happen so fast while you're busy figuring out life's new normal!

  2. That's what my husband says lol. Thank you for the encouragement!