Friday, January 24, 2014

Heartbreak Running

Hello friends and TGIF!

It's been a rather interesting week for me. As you know, I started running on Monday after nearly a 3 month hiatus. After speaking to my coach on Sunday, he suggested that I start off slow and progressively work up to the mileage and speed. He suggested that I run 20 minutes on Monday and continue to run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Well, 20 minutes sounds easy peasy doesn't it? 

Let's see, how could I describe my running experience on Monday? Humbling. Upsetting. Shocked. Surprised. Infuriated. I could not believe how slow my running pace was. I nearly cried when I got home and angrily told my husband that I would never be fast again. I suppose that comment makes me a hypocrite because I am a strong advocate of believing in yourself and having faith in the training that you do. But yes, I am human and I lost faith on Monday night after I went out for my 20 minute run. 

After a few days of pondering my experience and thinking about my ability to run fast again, I told myself that I must be patient with the process of training; I must have faith in myself and in my coach; and I must be consistent with the training. It was very easy to fall in a negative mindset because I began thinking about my weaknesses, but I stopped for a second and began thinking about the positives: I am healthy and fully recovered from giving birth and I felt great (but sore) after my run. 

It was discouraging to run again because I literally felt as if I was learning to run. My steps felt out of place and rather awkward. I felt like the Tin Man, rusty and squeaky as every joint in my body cracked and in search of my heart to believe in myself.  Besides being slow, I was also gasping for air. That's okay because I WILL overcome being out of shape. I just have to take the proper steps to get to where I used to be. 

I encourage you all to follow me throughout these months as I train to build up my mileage and speed. I will also begin the Paleo Challenge on Monday and I will post my meals of the day. If you have comments or suggestions to motivate me, I would really appreciate it! I look forward to my journey and I welcome the new challenges of my life!!!

I'm grateful for the random good mornings
I got from people as I ran today.
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  1. Erika congrats on the first post baby run! Believe in yourself, you've got is just going to take some time. I have no doubt that PRs are in your future.

  2. Your body produced a human. It's going to take a little bit to get back to normal, and that's okay. Look at all the elites who have had babies and come back awesomely fast again. Do you follow Lauren Fleshman's blog? She writes about coming back from baby-having, might make you feel better!

    1. Hello! Yes, I know who she is but I haven't read her blog in a while. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement!! :)

  3. Hang in there and just keep training. Pregnancy, delivery, and nursing does all kinds of weird things and changes to your body. It takes a while to adjust! It's early still. You'll get there over time.

    1. Thank you Allyssa. I just have to remind myself of that. :/