Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Running with DDs

Hello my friends! 

So what did you think of my Paleo meals yesterday? Not too shabby huh? Quite honestly I feel completely satisfied with the meals I have been preparing. I stopped eating all kinds of simple carbs and my body can feel it. I don't feel inflamed or bloated. If you're wondering what I mean by that, basically any simple carb or food that has gluten, causes inflammation and excessive weight gain in our bodies. Some of the foods that causes inflammation include, white rice, bread, pasta, tortillas, sugar and hydrogenated oils. That's why the Paleo diet works because it restricts these kinds of foods while promoting the importance of veggies and fruits. 

Anyway, on to another important issue that I have been facing: RUNNING WITH DDs. Yes, you read correctly, DDs! And by DDs I don't mean coffee, I mean a humongous chest. This might be TMI, but ever since I gave birth my chest has grown dramatically. This is obviously because I am breast feeding, but holy cow it's quite disturbing to run with those things. My remedy: layering 3 sports bras. Even that doesn't seem to be working. The layers make me feel like my boobs are Krazy Glue'd to my body. These babies are bouncing all over the place which makes it nearly impossible to focus on my breathing and my steps. I never imagined that a large bust could cause such distractions and challenges when exercising. I've got the old men in the park looking at me as my chest nearly smacks me in the face. Hello, can anyone please offer me a solution? Ugh : /


Moving on...

Today's Workout:
30 minute run

Last Night's Dinner:

Ground beef picadillo (grass-fed) with a green shake

Today's Breakfast:

Scrambled eggs (organic eggs), Applegate's turkey bacon and a yam

Today's Lunch:

Tuna patties, avocado and pan-grilled organic tomatoes
Tuna patties recipe click here!
Ok, so my patties got destroyed, but they were scrumptious either way!!!

Can anyone suggest what I should do about running with DDs?

I am grateful for my daily 
conversations with God- they
are helping my patience.
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  1. As a GG-cup runner, I feel your pain! I'm an average sized 130 lb. female who just so happens to have giant boobs! So many people don't understand how difficult it is to be active when you have a large chest and can't find the right undergarments. I feel secretly jealous of small-chested women who can pop on whatever sports bra they bought on sale and don't have to worry about their boobs getting in the way of everything they do!

    My advice would be to find a store in your area that carries specialty size bras. They can get you properly fitted for a bra, and they will have bra-sized sports bras. I have used many different brands, but I particularly like Panache and Freya brand bras. They won't mind if you do a quick jog around the store or jump up and down to see which bra works best for you. If you're properly fitted, you should only need ONE bra to keep you supported.

    Good Luck!

    1. I heard Panache was good. Do you think I could just buy it online or do you recommend I get fitted for it? Thank you!

    2. You're probably not familiar with your cup size since things have changed since pregnancy, so it would be a good idea to get fitted. If you can't, you can always order a couple sizes online, see what fits best and return what doesn't - I've done this sometimes. Just check the return policy :)

    3. That's a great idea! Thanks :)

  2. Enell Sports bras are great! No bounce at all!

  3. I second the Enell bras and also recommend making sure that there is a clasp and adjustable straps.

  4. I'm a D bordering on DD, and I absolutely love my Moving Comfort sports bras. They carry them at tons of stores, and you only have to wear one! I wear them for volleyball tournaments, which, as you can imagine, requires a lot of bouncing around and diving all over the place ALL DAY! I did some sports bra reviews over on my blog because I didn't think there were enough out there for people with more sizable bosoms. (That sounds gross.) Here's the blog, if you want to check out the others: http://flecksoflex.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks so much for the advice! I look forward to looking into the website!